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Yes, I Voted

i voted

Ultimately, we must each confess that if the country is saved, it will not be the power of a Donald Trump to deliver us – but God’s. And, if the nation is driven to ruin it will not be the arm of a Hillary Clinton that destroys us – but God’s.

Out nation’s heart is corrupt and it was not evil politicians that corrupted us. They are but a reflection of who we have become as a people. The only thing that can save us is the mercy of God in response to a wave of repentance that sweeps the land. The only thing that can destroy us is the wrath of God in response to proud hearts and blasphemous lips that have cursed His Name while shedding innocent blood; and yet refuse to bend before Him.

I have voted with a pure heart and a clean conscience which neither adores nor fears any man, choosing to place my trust in Providence who governs the affairs of men and breaks the arrows of His enemies. I have cursed no man who would cast his vote contrary to mine allowing all the liberty of his own conscience. Therefore, I will awaken tomorrow with a heart that is at peace with God and with my fellows.

I take great solace in the words of Wesley who advises: “I met those of our society who had votes in the ensuing election and advised them (1) to vote without fee or reward, for the person they judged most worthy; (2) to speak no evil of the person they voted against; (3) to take care their spirits were not sharpened against those that voted on the other side.”

Wesley also admonishes us, “Condemn no man for not thinking as you think; let everyone enjoy the full and free liberty of thinking for himself. Let every man use his own judgment since every man must give an account of himself to God.”

While I agree that this may be the most pivotal election in American history, I think it is such for different reasons than most. This is the election that will strip away the facade that we are still the United States of America. Simply, we are not united. Since the civil war there have not been events that so powerfully have turned brother against brother, particularly in the Body of Christ, since it is clearly a higher priority among us to elect Donald Trump than to maintain the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. We have become strangely comfortable with “the end justifies the means,” in that we see no conflict in our profession as Christ-followers and in our role of tale bearers, gossip mongers, slanderers, none of which find a home in the basket of the fruit of the spirit. Because of the “importance” of this election we consider ourselves released from Biblical admonitions to show kindness, gentleness, and mercy toward the “weaker” brothers – set free now to browbeat, accuse, and demean – within the body of Christ – any who dare to differ.

Social media is rife with posts, memes, and photos that are mean, crude, and often, simply not true; posted by those who cannot comprehend the juxtaposition of framing their slander with flower adorned scriptures lauding the grace and mercy of our God. We have not yet taken up arms yet as at Gettysburg, but we have with great malice, ruthlessly pierced the hearts of our brothers as surely as with muskets balls.

The outcome of this election you may find pleasing. The aftermath of brokenness and shattered relationships may be less so. We are diminished by our descent into maelstrom of partisan politics. We have given up the high ground. We have relinquished our moral authority. Not by the policies we support, but by the spirit in which we have espoused them. We have allowed ourselves to be pulled down into the swirling cesspool of corrupt politics and in the desperate desire to win – we have become very much like those we may one day hope to evangelize.

So yes, I voted. I will lay my head down to sleep in peace, without fear and without condemnation. I voted for life. I voted for righteous values. Tonight, I will nestle my head in the sure safety of Providence, confident that God reigns.

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