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I have been assailed by a horde of white “woke” folks this week who have confidently instructed me that I clearly don’t understand, and most certainly don’t care about the victims of racial inequality in America––implying that I need to be more “woke.” This is my response to that accusation:
Abortion is the number one killer of black lives in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, abortion kills more black people than HIV, homicide, diabetes, accident, cancer, and heart disease … COMBINED.

Yes. . . Black lives DO matter – all of them. I am weary of “woke” white people telling me I don’t understand the problem. I am grieved, along with everyone else that George Floyd was killed by a white policeman and that a Rayshard Brooks was unnecessarily killed in Atlanta by a policeman. This is wrong and it needs to be addressed. However, I am most moved by a segment of the black community that BLM doesn’t seem to be concerned about and none of the “woke” white kids from the burbs are marching for.  And that would be the 900 or so black babies are ripped, limb by limb out of their mother’s womb EVERY DAY is never mentioned by those marching in the streets, burning down businesses, dragging people out of their cars and beating them senseless – especially not by all those “woke”  white folks.

The fact that 13% of the population is represented by almost 40% of all abortions is never mentioned by all those “woke” folks. The same language that was used to discriminate against African Americans in the past is now being used to discriminate against unborn babies. “They are not really human.” We are constantly accused of ignoring “science.” Yet, the “science” tells us that a unique, new human life begins at fertilization – and that particular “science” is almost universally denied by the “woke” generation.

The claim that the black slaves in American history were “not human” was a lie out of the pit of hell. The lie that tells a mommy that her baby in the womb is “not human” is right out of the pit of hell.


Words and phrases like “choice” or “reproductive health” are used to sanitize the gruesome reality of abortion. Attempts to present factual information often leads to accusations of “misogyny” and waging a “War on Women.” Well, there IS a war on women of color, especially African-Americans, and that war is being waged in the abortion clinics of America – every day! Further, that war was started by a racist woman whose purpose was to control the black population. She is now celebrated as a national hero and champion of women’s rights. Nobody is pulling down any Margaret Sanger statues.
Yes, I am grieved by the suffering of those who endure racial inequality, especially those beautiful, promised-filled black babies who never see the light of day. Stop branding me as insensitive to the plight of the black community while cheering on politicians who deem Planned Parenthood and the right to abortion part of the RECOVERY process.
Yes, let’s do talk about systemic racism.
The greatest example in the history of systemic racism is ABORTION. The most common and horrific assault on the black community is the systematic infanticide which is disproportionately unleashed upon women of color. Black Americans are no longer the largest minority group, and this is largely due to the systematic, even routine murder of their children. Latin Americans are now the largest minority – a community who by far, is less likely to abort their children. 
The senseless murder of 900 black babies a day is proudly sanctioned by the same politicians who do news interviews as they weep about racial inequality. Every time a woman climbs up on a table in an abortion clinic a person dies and more times than not, it’s a black baby. But that’s o.k. – it’s not really human.
And I am the one who is not “woke.”
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  1. susan plunske responded:

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  2. Steve Chase responded:

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    I’m a bit taken aback how quickly you pronounce the Atlanta shooting as though the police are at fault, fall right in line with the created narrative. If ever there was a police action and two more professional policemen, one now being denied due process and charged with first degree murder with the death penalty on the table, is a miscarriage justice, that’s one…I hope that was not what you intend to say.

  3. Steve, I believe that that drunken young man initiated and provoked that incident. I do believe that the police might have avoided shooting him, and if that was possible it would’ve been the preferred outcome for all concerned. From the evidence I have seen (read), he did fire the taser at the officer, but missed. If he had fired bullets, then shooting him would have been clearly justified. I am not laying blame at the feet of the policemen, other than to say that it would appear the matter could have been neutralized without deadly force. I am not rendering any type of judgment here – and I don’t believe the policeman has as yet, been denied his due process – except of course in the public eye. I never listen, nor take my cues, from public opinion – especially when that public opinion is so clearly biased. From what I have seen and read, I am of the opinion that the shooting possibly could have been avoided, and therefore could be deemed “unnecessary.” It is not my intention to adjudicate this matter in any way. I am simply offering an opinion in this single matter. If the officer is afforded due process and the matter is handled in court, with a fair and impartial jury of his peers – then he will not have been denied his due process. If he is lynched in the papers and in the streets – then I am in agreement with you.

  4. Steve Chase responded:

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    Mike, Please forgive my accusatory tone. I intended to aim it more precisely at the media who I see guilty of creating a narrative to meet their evil agenda. I know every police action can be Monday morning quarterbacked, but the agenda to destroy possibly the last vestige of restraint on the lawlessness is too critical to not be precise. I think this piece explains the injustice being exacted upon the highly professional police officers. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/06/18/brooks-floyd-deaths-police-misconduct-not-always-racist-column/3206372001/?fbclid=IwAR0j6YdRi9tz7Mm5wfJeQn-RFn_ppk9CFQXXiLrzdyUfqPxm-QIZVM-zmUE

  5. Richard A Giordano responded:

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    Mike, thank you for your insight. Congratulations on once again seeing through the hypocrisy of the educated, misinformed and unthinking “leaders” on the left. I also have been called a misogynist by the misandrists who jump to conclusions based on academic vomit. (I’ve also been called a racist by the same people who more often than not, are the “woke” you have exposed.} These people who spew their lemminglike morsels of undigested nourishment out and pretend to know just what it’s like to be black because of some college professor or race- baiting media darling, cannot possibly walk in the shoes of a creation of God who has been called “not a human”. I hope I’m not insensitive to fans of the NBA when I say, “Mike, that was a slam dunk!”

  6. RICHARD KENYON responded:

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    I agree with you 100%. I would also add………. that the real underlining problem in America today is that the majority of American’s are not submitted to God. Our Constitution will only function properly by those submitted to God. We are now the remnant and that is not enough to keep our country from falling into a third world status. God gave us the promised land and like the chosen Jewish people they have fallen away. I find relief during these times by saying “I am prepared to die for Christ”

    Rick Kenyon

  7. Randy Steiner responded:

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    Thanks for this post and your speaking out over the years for BLM, Babies Lives Matter. Recently I heard the abortion percentage rate among American black mothers is the highest of all ethnic groups. As you stated, why does Planned Parenthood get a pass from any liability? Could it be that the people who are funding Planned Parenthood, controlling the news, manipulating the government are only exploiting ethnicity for their own agenda? If they really cared about black lives it would be reflected in protecting the lives of the unborn not in fostering eugenics.

  8. David Levandusky responded:

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    You got to the heart of the issue Mike, clearly spoken, well understood. May those wh oread it run with it and boldly proclaim it loud and clear.

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