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Sharpening the Iron of the Church

Will we again reverence His Word?

Recently, as I was reading in the book of Nehemiah I was struck by a powerful moment in the Scriptural record- I hardly know what words to use to describe it. However, I have a deep rooted conviction that in the brief passage I read is the key to an earth shattering and a church shaking move of God. As I read the passage something physical happened to me. I did not fall down on the floor, nor go into a trance; I did not shake, but I might (and I emphasize might) have had a vision, a vision of a day I long to see in the Body of Christ and for a moment, it took my breath away:

(Nehemiah 8:1 ff) – And all the people gathered as one man at the square which was in front of the Water Gate, and they asked Ezra the scribe to bring the book of the law of Moses which the Lord had given to Israel.” A large multitude – a gathering of over 40,000 persons — assembled at the square in front of the Water Gate, a site near the rebuilt temple, and asked Ezra to bring out “the book of the law of Moses.” He stepped forward before the people with the Scriptures in hand, mounted a wooden platform, and unrolled the scroll. And as he did with reverential awe, the people instinctively stood to their feet…………………….they recognized the divine authorship and sovereign authority. They knew that what they would be hearing was not the idea of a man, but the VERY WORD OF GOD.

I will not add further commentary here for it is not required. Those who have ears to hear will hear and those whose ears are filled with wax will continue in their apathy. But I will retire to my bed tonight with a profound vision in my mind; of a mighty nation of saints who stand in breathless awe before the Word of God……

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