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Why Do Preachers Lie?

I am going to do something very unusual for this post.  Carter Conlon followed David Wilkerson at the Times Square Church in New York City. He is one of the most courageous, most anointed preachers of my lifetime. I am always challenged by his preaching. Certainly the anointing of his predecessor rests upon him. He is a prophet for our time.  I have provided a link to a powerful message preached by Pastor Conlon preached on Father’s Day – June 21, 2015.

I want to challenge every one of my readers to set aside three-quarters of an hour – get to a quiet place where you can be alone — and listen to this powerful and convicting message – “Why Do Preachers Lie?”

Click on the photo above and prepare your heart. This is a message from God for this day. It may have been preached 4 years ago – but it is for this hour.

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  1. Michael Gantt,
    Thank you for pointing the way to Pastor Conlon’s sermon. It helped me understand more of the why of the troubling anti-Biblical teachings I’m aware are seeping into the church in subtle ways & in fact, exploding in some–abortion as “God’s work,” homosexuality, couples living together, services seeking forgiveness from plants. Shocking stuff that rattles my spirit.

    Personally, I’ve received push back from other Christians. A co-worker of mine who professed to love Jesus & lived with a boyfriend was so angry when I told her Jesus doesn’t approve of that, she refused to ever make eye contact with, or speak to me again, in an office of just 3 of us. Profoundly difficult & harsh working environment.

    After listening to this sermon, I wanted to hear more of Pastor Conlon’s sermons, sharing with my husband through lunch together until I realized I’d spent the entire afternoon listening. I’m hungry & deeply grateful for how he addresses culture. I’ve found, through the many churches I’ve attended in my home state of NY, so many do not mention what’s going on outside their doors. I’ve wondered if there’s something wrong with me to expect that. Several seem to have a lighthearted approach to preaching, even almost comedic when I feel sober.

    In all of Pastor Conlon’s sermons I was challenged with a sense of urgency and mercy for a culture that I’ve been angry with for my kids’ sakes. It requires a great deal of time to counter the troublesome things they’re learning in school, the identity politics, the political correctness, the shaming of America.

    I want to turn that anger and sense of helplessness into something God-honoring. I see that you have some books that could prove helpful.

    Once again, thank you. I’ll be a regular listener of Pastor Conlon’s podcasts and hope to make it into NYC to hear him preach.


    • Christine, I believe Carter Conlon to be one of the few true prophetic voices of our time. I am always blessed by his ministry, but was especially moved (and convicted) by this message. God bless.

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