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Where Is The Elijah of God?

Standing at the edge of the Jordan River, Elisha wrapped his staff in the mantle of Elijah the prophet and cried out, “Where is the God of Elijah?” The question for our generation is, “Where are the Elijahs of God?” There are a few that come to mind – but as always, only a few. The majority take the easy way, the less costly way, the way that gains the acceptance and approval of man but forsakes the anointing of God.

Prophets called by God are not called to greatness or fame as a man might measure it. He is not called to be liked by men. He is not called to possess wealth or gain prosperity, he will rarely be found in the great cathedrals or churches of the land. In fact, the prophet is not called to success as in the case of Jeremiah who was informed by God that he would speak, but the people would not listen. The prophet is called to do one thing; to speak; to pronounce to all who care to listen or not, “Thus saith the Lord God of Heaven!” He is not called to lead Bible Studies or ladies luncheons. He is not called to host encounter groups or therapy. The prophet of God is not called to conduct prophetic conferences where he promises “personal prophecy” about impending wealth or power or success. He is to speak to power; to warn godless rulers of Jehovah’s displeasure. He is called to move through the land warning a rebellious generation that God will not be mocked and that without repentance judgment will surely fall. He is called to withhold the rain and loose it again, he is commanded to call down fire from heaven to burn up the altars that have been built to pagan gods.

Some feel that such men are not needed; that what we need is positive confessors, purveyors of self-esteem, gurus of mysticism. Some say even that the “age” of the prophet is passed and God no longer speaks through men in camel hair and a mouthful of locusts, but a prophet is exactly what this generation needs. Men who will fly in the face of the Ahabs and Jezebels who rule over us, who will stick their bony finger in the face of the king and declare, “Thou art the man!”

God told Elijah that he had 7000 men who had not bowed the knee to Baal, a remnant held in reserve until a day appointed by God. Today is the day! Stand up, prophet of God and let your voice be heard among the people! Do not shrink back though they threaten and kill. Let the clarion call for repentance ring out from the throne. Call sin, sin; and evil for what it is without fear, and not hungering for the approval of men. They will come for you, as they have always come for those who dare speak for God, but remember there is a crown that awaits you at the finish, and a rod of iron with which you shall rule the nations at Jesus’ side.

Crucified, beheaded, sawn in half, thrown to the lions and torn asunder; the prophet’s voice is rarely welcomed or embraced but his voice must be heard in each generation declaring the Word of the Lord. I pray every day, “Where are the Elijah’s of God?” I ask the Lord to send prophets forth upon the land that our nation will not go unwarned. I ask God for men who will confront the mealy mouth, weak-kneed preachers of our day and command them on the Father’s authority, either speak the Word of the Lord or shut your mouth. I pen such posts as this in hopes that one of God’s prophets might read my urgent plea before God and hear the voice of the Spirit command, “Go and speak, for thus saith the Lord God of Heaven!” In Jesus Name, Amen and Amen.

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  1. Pastor Azhar kaleem responded:

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    Loved Pastor,
    Peace and love in Jesus Name.I read your article and i am blessed.
    Where is the Elijah of God?
    To me it is a question of being recalled your dominion and recognize the authority God gave us when we were choose.
    When i was in Brazil on 30 June 2012 was my ordination and i delivered a sermon on Responding to the God’s Call.
    When God Call us we must be available for him Like Abraham ,Mosses and Isaiah s who responded to the God’s call.
    And whoever respond to the God’s call he will be answered too because responding to the God’s call is a two way relationship if we are available to God He is available to us as well as we read in Isaiah 58:9-

    Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer; you shall cry, and he will say, ‘Here I am.’ If you take away the yoke from your midst, the pointing of the finger, and speaking wickedness,

    God of Elijah is available all the time but He is waiting for the Elijah of God.
    We are praying for that too.

    This is my understanding about your article and if i am wrong at any point please guide me ,teach me ,i am like your son.
    Be Blessed,

    Pastor Azhar kaleem
    Church of the Nations Pakistan

  2. Your messages are a belessing to me every time i read them keep it comming.
    Debbie and Larry Haas.

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