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Voting Wisely


The ancient knight addressed Indiana Jones as he sought the Holy Grail: “Choose wisely.”

I fear that many are casting their vote hysterically.

I voted. I did not vote for Donald Trump, I did not vote against Donald Trump. Many of my friends detest Donald Trump – they see him as arrogant and flawed. i get that.

I did not vote for Joe Biden. I did not vote against Joe Biden. Many of my friends distrust Joe Biden, they see him as weak, corruptible, and possibly unfit mentally to guide our nation. I get that.

Our Presidents have always been flawed in some way or another. I believe the form of government our founders gave us was intentionally designed to be successfully led by flawed men. In short, our government does not require perfect men. It does require that all three branches of our government function in the manner in which they were intended to function.

So, I did not vote for a man so much as I voted for a platform of policy that addresses or protects the issues I am most concerned about. For me – it is far more important who represents me in the House and Senate than who sits in the Oval Office – for it is they who write law. Most people have such a poor understanding of how our government works (or is supposed to work) that they are convinced that the man at the head of the ticket writes laws.

The founders did not extend to the President the power to write law, but to execute the law that is written by the legislature. President Obama attempted to circumvent the Legislature with Executive Orders and in many cases, was successful in doing so. Trey Gowdy warned the house that they would regret allowing President Obama to write law from the Oval Office, because he was setting a precedent for future Executives. Now that President Trump is following Mr. Obama’s example – many in the House regret that poor governance on their part.

So, in my mind, it matters less who sits in the Oval Office and more in who sits in the Halls of Congress, for it is they – and their platform that will govern our lives going forward. So, when the election season rolls around, I want to read the platform of each party – I want to see what they value, and what laws they will most likely enact. I want to know who they will protect and who they will put at risk. Do they want more or less control in my life? The President executes (executive) the law, the Supreme Court applies the law (adjudicates), but it is the Congress (legislature) that writes the law. Every election (and this one is no exception) we hear, “As President I will change the law!” Actually, the President does not have the power to do that – he will only recommend law which the Congress will approve or deny. (This again is true only when all three branches of government function as they were intended.)

Believe me when I say that your local and States government and the men and women who represent us in the legislature have far more impact on our lives than does the man or woman who sits in the Oval Office. Too many Executives have become drunk with power and depending on their PLATFORM, the legislature can either empower them or curb their power.  Be wise friends.

One final note: Our fear and hysteria over who will sit in the Oval Office has made us mean-spirited, vindictive, and even violent. This is true even for many of my Christian brothers and sisters. The Lord says, “Do not be afraid.” We must stop acting like cornered badgers and start reflecting the character of Christ, because when the last vote has been cast – Jesus will still be on the Throne.


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