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Twice Violated

     I consider it to be no small coincidence that just one day before Brett Kavanaugh was to testify in Washington a replica of The Arch of Palmyra was set up on the mall in Washington, D.C.  Behind all of the recent hysteria surrounding his alleged sexual misconduct as a teen ager, abortion proponents were decrying the fact that Kavanaugh is staunchly pro-life. 

The Arch of Palmyra

      From the moment the President nominated him for the position of associate Judge of the Supreme Court, the screeches of horror began to be emitted across the land.  Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Cecile Richards; politicians and movie stars began to trumpet the warning to women that they would be driven into the back alley’s where men with dirty coat hangers stand ready to accomplish the murder of their children.

      Murder, by the way should be relegated to dark alleyways, rather than paraded and protected as a national right. It is an evil act that challenges any assertion that we might be a civilized society  

     Make no mistake, the politicians who have paraded Dr. Ford in front of the American people don’t care one whit about a teenage girl being groped at a high school party. For gosh sakes, there is ample evidence that many of them have themselves either groped or have engaged in the protection of gropers. They protected Bill Clinton and are currently protecting Keith Ellison.  Dr. Ford is their foil; she is the mask in front of their true agenda – – the protection of the right of a woman to terminate the live of a human being growing in her womb. She will be handsomely paid if she is allowed to collect the millions of dollars from the Go Fund Me pages set up for her. She is the hero of thousands of wounded women who have been sexually assaulted, to whom she has given voice. She would be an even greater voice if she were able to give credible evidence of the events she alleges, but that notwithstanding, she has been used – and well paid her trouble.  This does not mask the truth that it’s all about abortion.

    Now, standing in the mall framing the United States Capitol is the Arch of Palmyra, or as some call it, The Gateway to Baal. In ancient Palmyra worshippers of the god Baal would enter through the Arch of Palmyra to engage in ritualistic Baal worship which involved men and women bowing before the image of Baal as they offered their children to be burned alive while they engaged in bisexual orgies.  Men and women would gather around the altar of Baal to offer their children in ritual sacrifice. While their tiny children screamed and writhed in pain as they were being roasted alive in the arms of Baal they would engage in perverted sexual activities to please the god of fertility and rain for “mother earth.” The goal of these rituals was agricultural and economic prosperity. (Someone always makes money, don’t they.)

     Not much has changed as the hucksters of “women’s right to privacy” continue to offer up children in a ritual of death, as children are torn limb for limb from their mother’s womb – their organs then offered up for sale for research.  We have sanitized the vocabulary now. We don’t “kill babies;” we simply vacate inconvenient products of conception. Its is no longer child sacrifice; its simply a woman’s reproductive rights. At any rate innocent babies die, often at the hands of those who have sworn an oath to do no harm.

     So on a day when the Senate interviews a potential, pro-life judge Baal is brought to town. He was never a god of “fertility.”  He was, and is, a demon of death who rules in great measure over the nation that was founded upon the principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Those who erected the Gateway to Baal in Washington, D.C. are fully cognizant of the invitation they have extended, and those demons are openly active in Washington this week.

     Dr. Ford may, or may not have been assaulted as a 15 year old at a party she probably would have been wiser not to attend in the first place. I don’t know. What I do know is that she has been used as a pawn in a much bigger game and when she is no longer useful to her champions, we will not hear of her again. Any voice she might have actually provided to the many, many actual victims of sexual assault will melt away and they will have to find another. 

     The legitimate pain of millions of women who are victims of rape and sexual assault has been co-opted to drive an ugly political agenda which has nothing to do with their violation. From my perspective, they have been violated yet again. 

We are faced with a couple of scenarios this week or next:

  1. Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination will fail in the Senate and another person will be nominated. In all likelihood he or she will be pro-life. If that happens the screaming will begin afresh and the minions of pro-abortion fanatics will again dig into the trash heap to discover dirt they can throw at the new nominee. If they can’t actually find anything credible – someone will mysteriously appear at the eleventh hour making a vague claim of something that happened somewhere – and you should believe me simply because I say so.
  2. Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as an associate justice and if that happens, the last couple of weeks will seem like a garden party. The howls from those who are committed to preserving the right to an abortion will howl like the hounds of hell. His opponents declared they would do anything to keep him from the bench before he was even nominated for the position. The fact of his actual confirmation will mean little – – they’ve already said that they if there is anyway possible they will impeach him.

     Fact is, if there is a vote on Friday to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS or to deny him – it ain’t over. If you really think this is an issue of sexual assault; you are not paying attention. The hunger for infanticide and sexual perversion to rule over our nation is insatiable.




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  1. You have nailed it Michael. I applaud you for the courage to post this, and for the clarity with which you have written it.

  2. Richard A Giordano responded:

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    The entire “me too” movement is making it difficult, if not impossible, for men and women of any age to have any kind of inter-personal relationships. Any parents raising a boy in this atmosphere must attempt to re-educate their sons to the possibility of unsubstantiated allegations later in their life. Evidence is no longer a requirement for sexual assault. The radical feminists have always regarded all sex, (even in marriage), rape. They have also encouraged more deviant lifestyles and have lobbied for legalized perversion. You have nailed it with your history of the Arch of Palmyra parallel. I applaud what you’ve written and agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the real agenda. Once again, somebody gets “BORKED”.

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