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Sharpening the Iron of the Church

The Womb of Institutions

The family is the womb of institutions. There are two other God-ordained institutions: church and state. Family, church, and state; each given limited governmental authority and powers. The family was the womb of the other two.

Godly worship developed in the home. Altars were set up by households before God commaned His family, Israel, to engage in centralized worship. 1 Timothy and Titus make it clear that the family is the training ground for church leaders.

Good government grew out of the family as the leaders of households became the political and economic leaders. The older men or elders of households became the leaders of nations. This is not to say that the family should exist without the church or state – but of the three, it is the only one that could conceiveably exist without the other two. Therefore, it becomes clear that the family should be protected above all other institutions since it is the only one that can give birth to the others.

The family can exist without the state (it did for many generations) and the family worshipped before there was institutionalized worship – however, neither the church nor the state can exist without strong, biblical families. Is it any wonder that it is the family that is the victim of sustained attacks from principalities and powers – it is the foundational institution of all institutions.


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