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The Weight of His Glory

As I have been preaching through the Book of Leviticus over the past few weeks, God has been so graciously revealing so much of Jesus and the wonderful atonement that is ours.
Shadows of Grace – While so many seem to have dismissed the Pentateuch as simply antiquated¬†books of Law and as such no longer relevant to new covenant believers, it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that God reveals so much of Himself, and through powerful types and symbols outlines the length and¬†breadth and¬†depth of our great salvation.¬† It is becoming clearer that to demonstrate disdain for the law diminishes the power of the atonement.¬† Preaching from Leviticus 9 and 10 today – my spirit (inner man) was stirred to meditate on the “glory” of God and what it means to live in an environment that is overshadowed by that glory.¬† After the¬†Tent of Meeting (Tabernacle) was reared, the¬†Levites called out of the general congregation, and then Aaron and his sons were set aside for¬†special service in the Tent – the “glory of God” descended upon the place.
First, the sacrifice, in fact, the whole altar was consumed in the fire of that came out from God.  The sacrifice was completely consumed by that fire.  The sin offering had been accepted!  The people fell on their faces and worshipped God. They sang and danced and lifted worship up to the Lord.  The payment for sin had been made and the offering had been accepted; sin had been atoned for. It was a time for rejoicing.  However, from that time the glory of God rested upon the Tabernacle, hovering over the Holy of Holies Рa constant reminder of the presence, power, and glory of God.
¬†In Hebrew, the word glory is best translated as weight.¬† It was the “weight” of God that descended upon the tabernacle.¬† It was the “weightiness of God’s glory” that dwelt in the midst of God’s people and I have been stirred to comprehend what it means to dwell (not visit occasionally), …but to dwell in the weight of God’s glory. In our immaturity, we may have reduced the “glory of God” to a momentary and even transitory “experience” to be enjoyed from time to time, even to be sought after. I am convicted that it is not simply a thrilling mystical experience to be longed for – but a reflection of God’s character, His nature, His thoughts present in the life of the church that all the surrounding peoples may discern His glory within us. I am asking the Lord to give me a fresh illumination as to what this might mean, and how it might be revealed in our day to day lives. The NT interpretation of “glory” is most often “reputation.” So, we have weight and reputation.¬† The full weight of God’s glory abiding within us, the reputation of the Only Great God maintained in the life of the church.
We are guilty in the present culture of overly spiritualizing many of the truths of the Scriptures.¬† What I mean by this is that we often make too many things experiential; momentary, transitory, and temporary.¬† The result is that we, being blessed by momentary and transitory experiences, tend to seek them, running from coast to coast seeking the new and latest spiritual thrill. Nothing is permanent, little is foundational, and precious little is transformational. I am convicted that to live in the “weight of God’s glory” is not transitory or momentary – but God wants to dwell within us with the full weight of His glory that the fullness of His reputation might be seen by men abiding in and upon the church.
From time to time, it is a good and healthy thing to wrestle with a thought on the nature and character of God.¬† My thoughts this week are turned toward discerning the “full weight of the glory of God;” not as a mystical experience – but as a practical reality of the believing life.

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