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The Fourth Man in the Fire


King Nebuchadnezzar was in an absolute rage when he was informed that three Jewish men, to whom he had entrusted much power, refused to worship him or his gods. He had them dragged before his throne whereupon he threatened them with a terrible death; to be burned alive in a great furnace. Still, the three young men refused to bow down before his image or worship his gods. So great was his rage that he commanded that the furnace be stoked so that it was seven times hotter than normal. He was bent on overkill, to make an example of them. What he did not realize is that God wanted there to be no doubt that He was in charge and that Nebuchadnezzar’s flames could never be hot enough to overpower His will. 

The king commanded Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) to be thrown into the furnace. So hot were the flames that their executioners died in the exercise of their duty. As the king peered into the furnace he was astounded as he saw not only the three men walking around, unharmed, in the furnace––but they had been joined by a fourth who bore a countenance unlike any man he had ever seen.

When he had called them out and examined them he saw that they had not been burned. They didn’t even smell of smoke. Not one hair of their head had been harmed. What an amazing event!

I have been meditating on these verses from Daniel three for some time now, feeling a very powerful prophetic unction. I don’t think I even yet have the full picture, but I believe there is a word here for those of us who are watching carefully as the events of the day unfold.

We are facing a “Nebuchadnezzar Event.” The enemies of the church are playing the music and watching to see who will bow down to “worship their gods.” Those driven by the antichrist spirit are testing the waters even now to see who will bow and who will not. We are being confronted with dangers far greater than the coronavirus.  Can you imagine that a virus with a better than 99% survival rate has brought the most powerful nation in the earth to its knees? 

Hide in your home.

Cover your face. 

Close down the churches.

Cease all worship, no singing, no chanting, no gathering.  

Turn in your friends and neighbors if they do not comply. 

Communities divided, families divided, friendships destroyed, a nation torn in half!  

It is not just in America that this is happening. Chinese citizens have been ordered to abandon their faith in Christ and worship the head of the party. Pastors have been arrested, church buildings demolished, church leaders imprisoned, and tortured. Those who receive public assistance will be cut off if they do not turn from their faith. No food. No housing. No medical care – You must comply, or face the consequences. Believers in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad are being herded into their church buildings which are then set on fire with its members locked inside.

The mayor of New York City has ordered citizens to turn in people they see in “non-compliance” with his orders. Take names, send photos, be a good “patriot” by ratting out your friends and neighbors.  The furnace is being heated to an ever-increasing inferno. Who will bow? Who will stand? The gods of death, of perversion, of tyranny, are screaming that we should worship them or face the consequences. Many are hanging onto the upcoming election in hopes that those elected will be favorable and save us. But they cannot save us. 

Mandatory vaccination. If you don’t take it, you won’t be able to travel, buy groceries, go to school, work. 

Mandatory RFID chips. If you won’t receive it, you will be destitute in the “cashless” society. 

The Bible will soon be declared “hate speech,” and those who remain faithful to the message of the Bible will be branded as bigots and hate-mongers, compelled to alter their beliefs to be consistent with our enlightened (woke) society. If you do not comply, you will be punished. Your business will be destroyed, your means of income ripped away, perhaps even your children taken into the custody of the state for their protection. These are the furnace and the heat of the furnace is being increased day by day to an intensity we have never seen before. The threat is clear: If you will not bow, the furnace will consume you.  

Many of your friends, perhaps even your family will bow in an act of self-preservation.  Many of your spiritual leaders, men you have trusted for years will break, and bow in fear––indeed many already are.

Your neighbors will bow. Your friends will bow. What will you do?

What I want you to know is something the enemy doesn’t know, even as he stokes the fires of his rage against the faithful. This is what the Lord is saying to me: “The Fourth Man awaits you in the midst of the flames.” The heathen rage in an effort to show their great power. They are watching to see who will bow. But God is watching to see who will stand––and to him, the Lord will bare his right arm!

You and I are not the first to face the flames of the enemies of Christ as they rage against Him. There have been others. Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael stood when everyone else bowed down in fear of the great king. Because they stood, they were privileged to see the awesome power of the living Christ. He met them in the midst of the flames. The only thing that was burned in those flames were the bindings of the enemy. Not one hair of their head was harmed. They did not even bear the stench of the smoke from that fire. 

Do not be afraid of what man can do to you. When the hordes of Philistines rose up against Israel, Samuel went to a rock called Ebenezar and prophesied and from that place “the Lord thundered with a mighty sound that day against the Philistines and threw them into confusion and they were defeated before Israel.” (1 Samuel 7) I believe there is yet a remnant in the church who will not bow before the gods of this world even in the face of a terrible fiery furnace but will stand. They will not be delivered from the furnace but in the furnace itself, they will walk in victory with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The roar of the enemy will be drowned by the roar of the Mighty God who will thunder out of heaven against them. 

This is what the Lord is saying to me: You can feel the enemy’s anger rising, the heat of his fury is stoked by your righteousness. The enemies of God want everyone to know that they are in charge. God laughs at them! He will use their own pride and arrogance to reveal His greatness and His power.

Do not bow, but stand––and walk in the midst of the flames with Me. The Fourth Man in the fire awaits you. 


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  1. Esther G Ballou responded:

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    Thanks for the wonderful message I wish I could have been there to have heard you preach this from a seat in your Church. It has been a long time since you came up to our farm in Vermont.

  2. Kem Beaty responded:

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    Thank you Pastor for sharing the wisdom and knowledge given to you by Almighty God!! Cry Mercy!!

  3. Diane responded:

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    Thank you Mike. Many need to hear and heed this message.

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