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Stories worth telling

Last night, I was on my very first sailing adventure. As we sailed from York Harbor, Maine to the Isles of Shoals under a magnificent star filled heavens-scape I was given the rather exciting task of manning the helm of Eagles Wings. It was my responsibility to guide our vessel through the moonlit ocean to two points of light on the horizon ahead. The moon was huge in the sky and the stars were stunning. Almost everyone was asleep as we glided along in an eerie silence, and for a moment I thought, “What amazing opportunities God has given me over the years to behold the majesty of His handiwork. I have traveled the world, seen exotic creatures, lived with a wide variety of cultures, and now – sailing along in the beauty of the New England sea coast at 1:30 a.m. it was almost overwhelming.  As we slid silently into the harbor at Star Island, with a man on the bow looking for a mooring I was reminded that some day, all of us will glide into the harbor of Heaven’s portals – safely home.

I was also reminded of the person who said to me after sharing one of my many and varied adventures, “You have such great stories!”  My reply to this person was, “Great stories aren’t written on the front porch, you have to shove out from the safety of home and harbor into the deep water – that’s where the great stories unfold.” I was also reminded of a great quote that I heard from another man that I admire a great deal; my son, Bryan. “The goal of life is not to arrive at death safely.”

While I expect one day to glide safely into the harbor of God’s eternal presence – I have no intention of living life on the front porch. I want to go and see and do in the places where great stories are told.  God has given me a strong body and good health and I hope to see the sun rise upon new horizons and to continue to collect “great stories” to share with my children and grandchildren; and my many wonderful friends.

As I get ready to lay this body down now, weary from the euphoria of a new adventure, I want to admonish good friends, “Push out from the shore, launch into the deep, for there are few adventures tied to a mooring and there are great stories that lie ahead –stories worth living, stories worth telling.

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