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Some Things are NOT Private


I was recently, and very tersely,  instructed by a very uppity female that because I do not have a vagina, I should keep my mouth shut when it comes to matters of women’s reproductive health care.  You know, I’m actually good with that. I don’t have a vagina and therefore little knowledge or understanding about what quality, competent women’s reproductive health care looks or sounds like. 

The problem is that what she was referring to in her sanctimonious tirade regarding the rights of women to government funded women’s reproductive health care has nothing to do with reproduction or health care – nothing at all. She very tersely informed me that because I don’t have a vagina or uterus, I am not permitted an opinion regarding abortion. Because I am a male, I should just keep my mouth shut, because abortion is a “female” matter and unless one has a vagina, they are not permitted a voice in the abortion issue. On that basis, I’m thinking that someone with no moral compass should not be allowed permission to speak on matters of morality.

It is interesting to note that males who support abortion rights – are not told to keep their mouths shut. They, apparently, having the “correct” opinion are permitted to stand in defense of the sanctity of womanhood in the destruction of human life. Current, male, Presidential candidates have been loud and vociferous in their defense of a woman’s right to terminate the life of any tiny human being residing in their womb. I haven’t heard a single reprimand come their way. Haven’t heard a single woman scream, “Shut your mouth, Bernie! Don’t speak, because you don’t have a vagina!”

With all deference to my uppity female friend, I will in fact, speak in defense of innocent children who are systematically ripped from their mother’s womb before their organs are auctioned on the open research market. I don’t have a vagina. What I do have is a brain and I do have a heart, and I do know the difference between health care and infanticide. I do know the difference between a mammogram or a pap smear (health care) and a D&C (infanticide); the major difference being that mammograms and pap smears are rarely actually performed, though high touted by organizations like Planned Parenthood, while D&C’s are performed with robotic like regularity. 

I do have common sense enough to know that real “health care” saves lives. Health care is characterized by selfless and compassionate doctors and nurses who spare no effort to ensure even one more day of life and joy, while what passes for “women’s reproductive health care” brutally snuffs out the life of the most innocent of our citizens. 

In a shocking turn of events, the new president of Planned Parenthood, Leana Wen, was recently sacked after serving less than one year after the resignation of Cecile Richards.  Why was she fired? Good question. According to an article in the Daily Beast, Wen, an emergency physician and former Baltimore commissioner of health, made waves at Planned Parenthood soon after her arrival in November 2018. Unlike former president Cecile Richards, a long-time political organizer and activist, Wen emphasized the importance of healthcare over politics and sought to expand the organization’s services outside abortion—a move that caused some to question her commitment to reproductive rights advocacy.”  

In Wen’s own words: “I came to Planned Parenthood to run a national healthcare organization and to advocate for the broad range of public health policies that affect our patients’ health,” The new Board leadership has determined that the priority of Planned Parenthood moving forward is to double down on abortion rights advocacy.”  Planned Parenthood is no longer even feigning health care as any kind of priority.  The priority of Planned Parenthood is death and profit – and they feel safe enough now that they no longer must keep that a secret.  

If there was a clinic down the street from me euthanizing old ladies, I would not keep silent – even though I don’t have a vagina. That would not be a woman’s issue – that would be an issue of humanity. 

If there was a clinic on the other side of town bringing in old men and chopping them to pieces to sell their parts to younger men, I would expect women–women who do not have a penis–to be outraged and to speak up.  

We should be outraged, we should be heartbroken, and we need to speak up whether we have a vagina or not –– because the unwilling death of the innocent is not a female matter; it is a human matter. It is not a matter of women’s rights, no matter how hard the sell is that abortion is a matter of a woman’s right to privacy.  

Some things are simply not private. 

Some things are simply not a right.

And some things are simply not right. 

Abortion is not a right –– abortion is the theft of rights.  


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  1. Sandy Handy responded:

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    Amen Pastor Mike, and another thing that bothers me is that some women act like they got pregnant all by themselves. There had to be a man somewhere, and the baby inside the woman has a Father! So women need to stop acting like their body parts are the only ones involved. A man has as much right to speak up as a woman because it takes a man and a woman to make a pregnancy. None of us are a part of our Mothers body, we all are separate individuals.

  2. Michael… Thank you for this! It is very well written…

  3. Richard A Giordano responded:

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    Mike, thank you once again for not allowing the absurd to be ruled by an absurd premise. The only way any of these ignorant, flawed premises become arguments is by someone acknowledging and validating them. As with so many of the arguments spawned by health issues, (especially women’s reproductive health), they arrive to the discussion and are then set in stone with the other side arguing against what should never have been introduced into the argument in the first place! They ultimately allow non thinkers to agree with emotions; all logic is then dismissed and sooner or later the flawed premises become the law of the land. Bravo to you for not falling for it, and keep up the good work.

    • Rick, as always it is good to hear from you – and your positive encouragement is always welcome. I have got to figure out some way to get to Florida for a visit. Love you man!

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