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Snakes Do What Snakes Do


America continues to be torn apart over issues of racial violence and inequality. I hear howling about how the ancestors of African-Americans were once slaves to white men. This is true, this is barbaric, and there needs to be continued repentance for the oppression of not only black men and women, but Irish and Asian as well, and a universally common effort among all races to ensure that no man, woman, or child of any color is ever again oppressed or held captive by another man, government, or race.  At the heart of it, we must come to grips with the reality that racism lies in the heart of men, not in the seat of government. Unless we are willing to change our hearts, racism will never go away – no matter how many stores you loot or houses you burn. 

Black Lives Matter. . .they really do!

I have repeatedly expressed the fact that I believe black lives matter. They do, and any systemic racism must be continually confronted until it is no more than a sad memory of what once was. I will engage in any activity, any dialogue, any process that will actually address the issue. I have no interest in meaningless erasure of the past. I do have an interest in a real future. Almost nothing of what I am seeing today is actually addressing the issues that need to be addressed in a way that is actually going to remedy the heartache that is the American landscape.

BLACK LIVES MATTER. . .does not care.

I have steadfastly refused to endorse the organization that is known as BLACK LIVES MATTER. I will not endorse this organization because I see nothing in that group that truly desires to better the condition of black men, women, and children. This is a self-proclaimed Marxist organization that has no desire to see an end to racism or the advancement of people of color. In fact, BLACK LIVES MATTER, and movements like it require the continuation of racial division. It is the great divide between races that fuels the revolution they truly desire. In the classic strategy of cultural marxism, they want to promote and feed the color divide in this nation until it ultimately results in the overthrow of the American government and the enslavement of all men. They, and those like them, want to divide Americans by color, by economics, and by faith––for it is these class divisions that result in cultural revolution; and cultural revolution that is the end game here. It was the goal of Chairman Mao (China), Stalin (Russia), Pol Pot (Cambodia), and it is the goal of BLACK LIVES MATTER (United States).

The false promise is that the rich and white will be overthrown and all men will live equally prosperous in a fanciful utopia. The sad thing is that in these great cultural movements, the oppressed and poor are only tools. When the great revolution is complete, the poor are still poor and the oppressed are still oppressed––there are just more of them. The masses will again be ruled by an elite group who are the only ones who prosper from the “great revolution.” The foolish “woke” folks who have joined themselves to this movement have not the slightest idea that they are not working to bring a modern utopia, but slavishly working toward their own enslavement.

You have made a rattlesnake your playmate, and eventually, the snake will do what snakes do. 

This group will not liberate black men from their perceived oppression. It will only add white, brown, red, and yellow to exist under the heel of state oppression. Mix in with this, the global political cadre who wave the banner of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD CHURCH, ONE WORLD CURRENCY – and the human race is hemmed in on all sides. The deceived will wake up one day to see that their utopian dream was simply a magician’s fog designed to hide the political and cultural sleight of hand from the true “trick.” It is classic misdirection to conceal the ultimate reveal––until its too late. 

Over 9 million black men, women, and children live in slavery today on the African continent.

More than Nine million black men, women, and children languish in slavery around the world – BLACK LIVES MATTERS doesn’t care.

While this great cultural deception is coming to full bloom, the brown and black men who first sold their African brothers (Yes, this is a part of the narrative that is not often told) to the White man are entirely ignored by the social justice warriors of the West. They continue to profit from the enslavement of black men and women and children by the millions all over Africa and the Middle East. It would appear that those black lives don’t matter. 

I know that white men owned slaves in Europe and America and even South America. I know that. It’s just that I am more concerned about the ones who remain in slavery . . . right now––today.  In American history, hundreds of thousands of white men died at the hands of their brothers to seek an end to slavery. Their blood was spilled on the ground in places like Gettysburg, Antietam, and Harper’s Ferry in an effort to end the scourge of slavery. 

Instead of reverence for those brave abolitionists and soldiers, the modern movements despise the memories of the very ones who gave their lives to make black men free. They deface their memorials and pull down their statues. They are violent, profane, using pre-written slogans and epithets to mask their own racism, a racism that is more vile than any they claim to oppose. This is not the strategy of men who want to escape oppression and racism. This is a strategy of men who want to overthrow a government.  And while they rage against the sins of our white ancestors and the cruelty of violent police officers, BLACK LIVES MATTER is oddly silent about those who continue to this day to be truly oppressed. 

Black lives matter, but apparently only certain black lives matter. The millions of black men held in slavery today by other black men and brown men––go unaddressed. Africa today, has more men, women, and children in slavery than any other place in the world. Right now, as I sit at my computer wrestling with these matters in my heart and head, more than nine million black and brown men are held in chains on the continent of Africa. Young girls are regularly raped, beaten, and forced into marriage or held as sex-slaves. What do we hear about these slaves from BLACK LIVES MATTER? Nothing.

Apparently, the lives of the 330,000 black citizens who are murdered in cold blood in abortion clinics each year don’t matter.

Invariably, when I bring up the matter of more than three hundred thousand black children who are aborted in the US every year I am told, “Don’t change the subject! One thing has nothing to do with the other.” Nine hundred black babies a day. . . EVERY DAY. . . are put to death by the most horrible, heartless and cruel means. Every year in America 330,000 black lives, innocent babies are torn limb from limb, or born alive but then dissected to harvest their tiny beating hearts, brains, and livers. It has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE SUBJECT! Where is the outrage from BLACK LIVES MATTER? There is none because they are not outraged. There is only stony silence. Murdered black babies chopped up in sterile surgical suites don’t advance the narrative. Because the goal is not the alleviation of the oppression of black men. . . it is the overthrow of a nation that is at stake here. 

I have been called names. I have “woke” white people who malign my sense of justice and question my Christian character; daily trying to instruct me so I can understand why I should jump in and support BLACK LIVES MATTER. I might if black lives really mattered to BLACK LIVES MATTER. If they did––if black babies really mattered––black men would be burning down Planned Parenthood instead of looting Target. They would be marching on abortion clinics instead of dragging helpless women and defenseless old men out of their cars and beating them to death. I am so weary of “woke” kids who want to change the name of everything from butter to oatmeal in the name of social justice, believing that somehow renaming or erasing the past will somehow make the present better. 

I am repeatedly lectured because I don’t understand what’s really at stake here. Oh, I think I understand pretty well what’s going on here and I really don’t need some professional protester to explain it to me. Instead of being “woke,” you need to WAKE UP. You need to look around and see what is really happening. In the end, you will not have made life better for black men. You will only be complicit in making life miserable for everyone. And, when your new master is in charge, you won’t be free to go about protesting every time you get pissed off about something you know very little about.

Black lives do matter, and you’re not helping. 

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  1. Wow, Michael. Powerful words. You said it so much better than I could have. My little comments about socialism on my July 4th blog pale in comparison to your impassioned words. Inspired and inspiring. Thanks for taking a much-needed stand.

  2. Well said Pastor Mike! Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  3. Dennis L Oberholtzer responded:

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    Powerful Words! I have many black friends since a child. I was the first white person ever to walk into a black house of my best friend in elementary school. And much more. My house was once owned by a black family in the 1920’s. Change can come. But I challenge all those black men who quit high school, about 50% in the cities. How can life improve if you give up before you ever begin?
    I know there is a gap in work ethic. One black man I worked with asked me why German people work so hard? It was not that he was totally lazy. He just did not have that kind of drive. But does giving up before getting a diploma ever get a person respect?

  4. Francis Njoroge responded:

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    Mike, thanks for these powerful words. Indeed, lives matter, black or brown or white or whatever other color. Ours must be to empower people to know they matter, before anybody else campaigns ‘for’ them. Stay blessed, I miss a time of our fellowship, my brother.

  5. Mike, thank you for so clearly and honestly speaking from both your head and your heart. You have the ability to articulate what’s in many of us, but we don’t have the ability to say it the way you do. So again, thanks.

  6. LD White responded:

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    Excellent characterization of what is happening. Thank you for having the courage to communicate the truth in a time where silence is often the chosen path due to the destructive culture we currently live in. Freedom of speech is not free and it is time we stand up against this evil movement.

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