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Sharpening the Iron of the Church


Allow me to post a rather lengthy quote from a book I am re-reading, “History Makers” by Dutch Sheets and William Ford III. Please take the time to read it carefully because it is a timely word for both the church and our nation:

“In Hebrew what is behind and what is future come from the same root, achar.  To the Hebrew, referencing the future was like an oarsman’s way of rowing a boat–they both backed into the future. Everyone who has ever used a rowboat knows that the reference point to keep him or her moving in a straight line is not the direction he or she is headed, but from where he or she has come.  Moses grieved over Israel saying, ‘You neglected the Rock who begot you, and forgot the god who gave you birth.’ (Deut. 32:18) The Israelites had lost their historical reference point. The psalmist agreed, saying in essence of Israel, ‘you forgot your history and it cost you your future.’ (Ps. 106: 7, 13, 21).”

     “Unfortunately, as a nation, we too have forgotten our roots. Many Americans have failed to remember the sacrifices of those who have gone before us, turned their backs on the God of their fathers and joined themselves to the idolatry and sin around us. Many look at revival history and say, ‘That was good, but we don’t need it today.’ Meanwhile, crime and murder rates are out of control. We have gone from healthy family beliefs to fatherless homes and babies having babies. We’ve moved from the sanctity of life to abortion and euthanasia.”

     “In the midst of all this decay is a church that has more money yet less power and influence than ever before. It is one thing to be able to say, ‘Here is silver and gold’ (the church in America today); it is another thing altogether to be able to say, ‘Rise and be healed in Jesus’ Name” (the early church, see Acts 3:6).  In the past, this nation has seen massive revival. We need the power of yesterday, today.!”

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