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These past few days, I can scarcely contain my irritation.  Actually, irritation is far too mild an expression for what I felt as I saw a photo of three or four young women sitting on a lawn, somewhere in America, holding the signs of their generation: “Parasites don’t have rights.”  It stuns me that a generation demanding free health care, free abortions, free birth control, free food stamps, free college education, and a check full of free money drawn from the hard work of others would have the temerity to call a pre-born child–a parasite.

The Psalmist writes: “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward” (Psalm 127:3)

God said to our parents in the Garden, “Be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth.” And, the writer of Proverbs declares: “Let your father and your mother be glad, And let her who bore you rejoice.” (Proverbs 23:25)

As Americans have transitioned from honoring the God of life to the celebration of the gods of death, the most honorable of callings, Motherhood, has been replaced by the “Bitch-in-Heat”, brashly demanding all of the pleasures of recreational sex without any of the odious responsibilities of child bearing and rearing. The heresies of modern feminism have robbed our culture of its future.  We are a rapidly aging culture left with few who care enough to tend to the needs of the elderly. Its seems that this new, self-consumed culture increasingly views their aging and aching parents as parasites as well–who ought to do them a favor and die, leaving the depleted resources for the young, who truly deserve it (and did nothing to earn it).

Let me offer a bit of reality…you too will someday become what you now loathingly refer to as a parasite, and the sad news is that those who, according to God’s design, are supposed to take care of you in your sunset years have been tossed into waste bins on the floor of abortion clinics and hauled out with the evening trash.  Ooops.

An aging population, hoping to collect their hard earned social security check for which they have worked a lifetime, find that its resources are rapidly shrinking because the coffers have been raided to pay for free services to an entitled generation. Your parent’s hard earned future is what is paying for your entitlements. Soon, you will be an old, broken-down parasite with no one to care for you.  Remember, as you battle for laws to be passed that encourage assisted suicide and permit euthanasia — you are legislating the end of your own life.

My wife and I have given birth to five remarkable children who are the joy of our lives. They were the fruit of our own selves born out of our love for one another. They were not inconveniences and we were happily willing to make whatever sacrifices we could to provide for them. We loved them, housed them, fed them, and clothed them. We cleaned their messy butts and endured their puke on our shirts. We gladly went without so they could have and did our best to equip them for living in a very difficult, very messy world. Through all of this we never – not once – for even a moment thought of them as parasites.

Now that we are older and nearing the end of our lives, their mother and I have no fear about how we will fare in the sunset days ahead…for those we cared for will care for us.  If need be, they will clean our messy butts and wipe our puke from their shirts and never once refer to us as parasites. I have said many times over, “The generation that has aborted its children will in the end, be aborted by their children.”

I know who will take care of me. Do you know who will take care of you? I really do hope you’re not depending upon the state in which you invest such hope and loyalty.


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  1. Cindy (Nowicki) Orr responded:

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    Cold hard facts, all right. Who will heed? It all falls on deaf ears unless there is a spiritual awakening.
    Thank you for your heart. I’m so weary but then your words spark a need to “stay with it” and be a light.

  2. Roberto responded:

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    Powerful truthful reflection, thanks!

  3. Jenny Teid responded:

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    You put it so clearly Michael. God will judge this selfish generation. How sad for them. They miss out in this life and the next.

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