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Will we again reverence His Word?

Recently, as I was reading in the book of Nehemiah I was struck by a powerful moment in the Scriptural record- I hardly know what words to use to describe it. However, I have a deep rooted conviction that in the brief passage I read is the key to an earth shattering and a church […]

Who Will Be a Father?

Behold the stereotypical modern American father — flabby body planted firmly in the LazyBoy, nose buried in the newspaper; the sum total of his communication with his family consisting of an occasional grunt without not so much as a glance away from the sports page, showing signs of life only during the Super Bowl and […]

A Tent of Meeting

I have been meditating on the “tent of meeting” from Exodus 33:7 in preparation for Sunday’s teaching from the Word of God. Moses would set up a tent away from the camp, and called it the “tent of meeting” and all who sought the Lord would go out to the “tent of meeting.” There is […]

Fixed Point

A few nights ago everyone was abuzz with the news of impending meteor showers; supposedly some of the most spectacular views of the year were to be seen — if you were fortunate enough to have no cloud cover and hardy enough to stay up until the wee hours of the morning.  Indeed, having seen […]

Sandy Hook

Ravi Zacharias has said it best for me: “God is evicted from our culture, then blamed for our carnage.” So many people are mad at God because the massacre in Connecticut. God’s voice is not allowed in government, public forum, no longer even in our holidays….we don’t want his opinion about sexuality, abortion, marriage. We […]


In Genesis 3 we find the record of the fall of man. It is my purpose to make observations in this post – not to develop a deep theological thread. However, as I have meditated on these thoughts today some important issues have arisen in my mind, regarding Adam; both of them. The serpent, more […]

Seeing God

There is a view of God that we have lost in the church in our generation: the high, exalted, lofty, exclusive, unparalleled, unprecedented character of God. Preferring the comfort of His nearness, we have lost the reality of God’s transcendent holiness. Our generation struggles and wallows in cheap grace and shallow sanctification because we have […]

To the broken. . . .

You are my Shield, my Defender and in you I hide. My flesh is corrupt and my bones are broken, but you are my Rock and my Fortress a Refuge to Whom I will run for safety. My insides are dried up, but You are a Fountain of Living Water and I draw deeply that […]


Whatever the circumstance; regardless of the challenge or threat, as a Christ follower my greatest responsibility is to respond in a manner which brings to Christ glory. My response cannot be one of self- preservation or personal gain- but only to honor to Him. The Word of God declares, “he who honors me I will […]

Fixing Things

One of my favorite stories seems to bear repeating today. A lady became quite angry with her pastor. I don’t remember what it was about at the time, but she was quite angry and felt equally as justified in her anger.  In her anger, she started a vicious rumor about the man that quickly spread […]

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