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Marriage is a covenant of companionship. In Proverbs 2:17 the adulteress’ husband is called the companionof her youth. Sincer her youth, she is his intimate friend. In Malachi 2:14, the wife of the deceitful divorcer is called his wife by covenant and his companion. She is united to him and associated with him since his […]

The Womb of Institutions

The family is the womb of institutions. There are two other God-ordained institutions: church and state. Family, church, and state; each given limited governmental authority and powers. The family was the womb of the other two. Godly worship developed in the home. Altars were set up by households before God commaned His family, Israel, to […]

Pre-Fall Perfection

Beginnings are important. The foundation of a building, the introduction to a book, both depend on their beginnings. In an age of evolutionary and process thinking in academic circles and the quick-fix mentality of the man on the street – we rarely look at beginnings. Change is everything and everywhere; all is thought to be […]

Recovering the Spiritual Family

Five hundred years ago, transformational revivals spread across Europe. Entire nations were reshaped by passionate believers who had returned to the truths of only Scripture, only grace, only faith, only Christ, and all for the glory of God. Churches were planted. Missionaries were sent out. The world has never been the same. But consider the […]

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