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Great stories are not written from the front porch. Let us launch out into the deep where there are stories worth living; stories worth telling.

At one time in India there was a custom of throwing babies into the Ganges River as a sacrifice to the gods. If we are unwilling to do any more than merely take our children to church, we might as well be throwing them into the river of the culture. This is an explanation why […]

¬† ¬† ¬†If you fail, father, to teach your son to fear God, the devil will teach him to hate God.¬†If you fail to teach your son to guard his mind, the devil will gladly teach him to have an open mind.¬†If you fail to teach your son to obey his parents, the devil will […]

Arrows Released

¬†¬†¬†¬† I am currently preaching through the Book of Leviticus on Sunday mornings. This morning we found our study in Leviticus 8 where Moses was commanded to bring Aaron and his sons to door of the Tent of Meeting before the congregation of all of Israel. There they would be set apart for service to […]

It's Karma, Baby!

You need to think, and not dismiss out of hand my comments as the mad ravings of an out of touch conservative. It is interesting to me that Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey’s chief argument for election was a¬†statement¬†about his opponent: “He is pro-life”¬†indicating, of course, ¬†that Markey is a superior choice because he is not, […]

America The Beautiful - and broken.

America – We have been the most free nation in history, enjoying rights and privileges unparalleled in human history; not to mention the magnificent prosperity that persons in most nations cannot even fathom. It has been said of this nation that with hard work and determination there is no limit to what a man or […]

Hath God Said?

Someone asked me recently to explain the difference between the prevailing¬†theology of today and the theology of say, a hundred years ago. I didn’t want to give a “pat” answer so I asked if I could mull on the question for a while. Today, driving down the interstate highway in my pick up truck the […]

Standing at the edge of¬†the Jordan River, Elisha wrapped his staff in the mantle of Elijah the prophet¬†and cried out, “Where is the God of Elijah?” The question for our generation is, “Where are the Elijahs of God?” There are a few that come to mind – but as always, only a few. The majority […]

Better To Reject Truth Than To Embrace A Lie

The stars in all their glory do not shine so brightly against the sunlit sky and yet, against the backdrop of darkness their majesty is clearly seen. ¬†In the same way the cross of Christ is dim against a curtain of man’s self-worth and inner goodness. But when the curtain of pretense is pulled away […]

You Shall Surely NOT Die.........seriously?

Many in the modern church have finally (they think) come up with a doctrine on sin and salvation that everybody can live with, literally. ¬†Carlton Pearson, who has become one of the key spokesmen for the “universalist” position is at least not afraid to say it right out loud. ¬†In his article “Jesus; the Saviour […]

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