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The Last Laugh

The text that follows was borrowed from a blog site called The King’s English.  I was particularly blessed by it and wanted to share it with those who follow my blog. When Monty Python’s Life of Brian came out 30 years ago it caused a tremendous stir.      Now there are definitely reasons to object to […]

Guarding the Treasure

Sitting in a cold, dark prison cell, awaiting execution, Paul writes to his young son in the Lord, Timothy a stirring letter filled with emotion and strong admonition.  Paul understood that he would die soon and his leg of the ministry would be over. He needs now to pass the baton to a new generation. […]

"ET Phone Home"

Please be patient as I deliver a brief and anguished rant.  I came to a conclusion today. I am in the wrong universe. “Duty, personal responsibility, obligated by grace, constrained by love, compelled by gratitude, love expressed by obedience”; these words which once indicated spiritual integrity and the pursuit of holiness are now viewed as […]

Do I Consecrate or Condemn My Household?

The Scriptures emphasize the household as an altar from which the fire of pure worship should always burn. The Bible declares that God “will pour out His fury upon the families that do not call upon his name.”(Jeremiah 10:24).  Abraham was particularly commended for his faithfulness, God declaring, “for I know him, that he will […]


Over the past week or so I have been traveling on behalf of a school for the Deaf for which I advocate in Kenya ( – please check it out).  I have been in Florida where I have made some fantastic new friends and renewed some old ones. I’ve been “couch surfing” which is a […]

As For Me and My House

I wrestle with these words, but I am compelled to speak. If a person in your community were to take a small animal, let’s say a kitten and with a pair of pliers tear this sweet little furry creature limb from limb, while it is still alive.  What do you suppose would be the reaction […]

Will we again reverence His Word?

Recently, as I was reading in the book of Nehemiah I was struck by a powerful moment in the Scriptural record- I hardly know what words to use to describe it. However, I have a deep rooted conviction that in the brief passage I read is the key to an earth shattering and a church […]

Who Will Be a Father?

Behold the stereotypical modern American father — flabby body planted firmly in the LazyBoy, nose buried in the newspaper; the sum total of his communication with his family consisting of an occasional grunt without not so much as a glance away from the sports page, showing signs of life only during the Super Bowl and […]

A Tent of Meeting

I have been meditating on the “tent of meeting” from Exodus 33:7 in preparation for Sunday’s teaching from the Word of God. Moses would set up a tent away from the camp, and called it the “tent of meeting” and all who sought the Lord would go out to the “tent of meeting.” There is […]

Fixed Point

A few nights ago everyone was abuzz with the news of impending meteor showers; supposedly some of the most spectacular views of the year were to be seen — if you were fortunate enough to have no cloud cover and hardy enough to stay up until the wee hours of the morning.  Indeed, having seen […]

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