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Misplaced Expectations


There are those who predict that the judgment of God is on the horizon. I would suggest that the judgment of God is already upon us. Many of the problems we want our government to “fix” actually come from the Hand of God Himself in response to our wickedness and rebellion and for this, there is no legislative remedy. 

An intercessor does not plead innocence.  An intercessor acknowledges guilt and pleads for mercy.   I do not seek to defend America, but to warn the nation of sure and impending judgment. Because of our national sins; because of the fact that as a nation we have essentially given God the middle finger of disdain for His Person, His character, and His laws there is no defense to be made. We must now realize that Islam is not our enemy, the militant LGBTQ bloc is not our enemy, nor are the butchers at Planned Parenthood, who murder babies and then market their organs for profit our enemy. 

The sad fact for America is that our gross national sin has made God our enemy. 

America has rejected God and His Word and America has exchanged the God of Life for the gods of death and perversion; and because of that rejection America is already under the Hand of God’s judgment. If there is no national confession of sin and if we cannot find a heart of repentance, a Holy God will complete his judgment; either by the complete annihilation or subjugation of what was once a great and Godly people or by rendering it completely irrelevant on the world stage; broken, impoverished, and in ruins; not even a shadow of its former greatness. For every rebellious nation God has a Nebuchadnezzar waiting in the wings. That rumble of impending trouble that all of us sense is nothing other than the hoofbeats of the horsemen of judgment that inevitably ride into the life of every rebel.

Until such time as the American people repent and turn back to God with genuine brokenness on a national scale, Islam will be our Nebuchadnezzar, the Rainbow flag will be our Mark of the Beast, and the intellectual and moral molestation of our children will not only increase, but accelerate, compounding our judgment. Pedophilia and the savage abduction and assault upon our children will continue as if wild beasts have been unleashed upon our innocent ones. The judgment of God will escalate in a cyclical fashion, growing more and more intense as our rebellion hardens until we either repent or are utterly destroyed. Or, so suggests the 26th chapter of Leviticus.

So, my purpose is not to urge Christ-followers to become more nationalistic that we might somehow save the nation, but rather to become more zealous in extending the Kingdom of Heaven through the faithful proclamation of the gospel – the power of God unto salvation. What we have seen in recent decades is the abandonment of the proclamation of the Good News in favor of a renewed fervor to save America; expecting that somehow winning the next election can rescue the land.  As Christians we must understand that we are not called to save the nation. 

  1. We are called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  1. We are called to speak the righteousness of God into every arena of life.
  1. We are called to demonstrate the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven so that men might hunger for and desire a righteous nation.  
  1. We are called to intercede before the Throne of God for mercy and forgiveness for a wicked and perverse people who have rejected God.  

Don’t pray that God will Make America Great Again. Pray that God will open our eyes so we can understand from what heights we have fallen.  

Pray that God will break the heart of America, that God will pierce our hearts with deep and profound conviction, even shame for our sin. Pray that the Holy Spirit will rip off the blinders of national pride and arrogance that blind us to our own wickedness and shame.  

I pray that one day, I will turn on C-SPAN to find our Representatives and Senators on their faces in the halls of Congress, broken and ruined before a Holy God, crying out because of the sins of the nation.  I pray for the day our President will call for a national day of prayer and fasting; a day of national repentance across the land.  I pray that the cry of more than 60 million aborted babies will reach the ears of doctors and nurses all across our land; that God will open their eyes to see the blood of the innocents that drips from their hands. I pray that Planned Parenthood will see the shame they have brought upon our land and the violence they have perpetrated upon women and weep in deep contrition from a broken heart.

There is no defense to be made for America for we are guilty as charged.

A new politic will not save America. 

A new election will not save America. A new President will not save America and neither, by the way, can the sitting President save America. The only salvation for this nation is for God to rip the blinders from our eyes to openly see the wretchedness of our corporate heart and be sickened by it. We must become so terrified by our own sin that we cry out to a Holy God for mercy!

(This post is based upon a portion of the text from my book CRY MERCY!)


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  1. Kevin Nowicki responded:

    · Reply

    Thank you for including me.

  2. Amen. I posted on my Facebook.

  3. Chuck Tyree responded:

    · Reply

    Psalm 118.

  4. Kathryn Dessureau responded:

    · Reply

    Terrific author with Godly insight and direction. A joy to read. Don’t lend your copy…it never comes back.

  5. Dave King responded:

    · Reply


    Feeling heat rise from our ire,
    we are hot just like red coals,
    but still we feed the fire,
    not to come in from the cold.

    With hope shot all to blazes,
    faith goes up in flames,
    as we raze our empty praises
    to scorch the earth with pain.

    This darkness on the land,
    a shroud, our thin disguise,
    it is in such dim light
    we mount our fight
    to see the fire in our eyes.


  6. Martha Heidl responded:

    · Reply

    Just starting Cry Mercy which was highly recommended

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