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It's Karma, Baby!

You need to think, and not dismiss out of hand my comments as the mad ravings of an out of touch conservative. It is interesting to me that Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey’s chief argument for election was a statement about his opponent: “He is pro-life” indicating, of course,  that Markey is a superior choice because he is not, “pro-life”. What in fact is the contrast to “pro-life?” Wouldn’t that be “pro-death?” I know some would like us to believe that it is “pro-choice.” However, I would think that a truly pro-choice position would allow all parties involved to have a choice in the matter. Yet, clearly there is one party in an unplanned pregnancy that isn’t afforded a choice. I think that renders the position as pro-death. You ought to think about that-a lot. The sad thing is that on that high moral note – he actually won the election which says a lot about the electorate in Massachusetts. However, I hasten to remind everyone that the political system that supports your right to terminate the life of your child when that child comes at an “inconvenient” time in your life won’t hesitate to abort you, if you become inconvenient to the current agenda.

We are rapidly moving toward the “abortion” of the aged and infirmed and it is not out of reach that it would be followed by the extermination of those who will not heel to the current political agenda. Remember that it was our current president who said he would take a “gun to a knife fight” and that once elected he would “punish his opponents.” I realize that most people are under the impression he was speaking metaphorically.

If we do not stand up for the innocent and defenseless, who will rise to our defense? The world likes to use the phrase “karma” which is a shortened version of “what goes around, comes around.” There is a Biblical parallel to “karma.” It goes like this: “Do not be deceived, God will not be mocked, for whatsoever a man sows, he shall also reap.” (Galatians 6:7) The generation that aborts its children will no doubt be euthanized by their surviving siblings. It’s karma baby.

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