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If Only.........

We put way too much trust in the arm of flesh – positive or negative – far too much trust in the power of men.

Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi cannot destroy America. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will not devise the fall of the nation and Donald Trump cannot save America.  Progressive Democrats cannot bring America down and Conservative Republicans cannot keep America alive.

The future of America does not ride on the back of Bret Kavanaugh, nor does it hinge on the decisions of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

If only the Body of Christ put as much hope in the Right Arm of God as we do the right wing of American politics.  If only we focused as much attention on the greatness of God as we do the weaknesses of Schumer and Feinstein.  If only we proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ, the power of God unto salvation as loudly as we proclaim the prophetic role of Donald Trump. If only we encouraged men toward confession and repentance from their sin as enthusiastically as we encourage people to vote in the next election.  

If only…………….

If only we realized that it is not that our political system is broken, it is that our national heart is twisted and wicked. If we only would call men to repent and be baptized, “saving themselves from this untoward generation” as frantically as we appeal to men to resist the rise of socialism.

If only we realized that it is Almighty God who raises up kings and rulers and that their heart is in His hand. If only we recognized that it is God who causes nations to rise, His to bless and His to tear down again if they reject Him and His words.

It was God who sent the Assyrians to trouble Israel

It was God who sent Nebuchadnezzar to bring Jerusalem to its knees and carry its people off into captivity.  

It was God who sent His “great army” to destroy crops, dry up the fields, consume the goods and raze the Temple.

It was God – not evil politicians.

It was God – not wicked kings.

It was God – not the power of other nations.

It was God who destroyed and scattered Israel among the nations.

Because of their wickedness

Because of their idolatry

Because of their blasphemy

And if America falls, it will not be the socialists, or the communist, or the Democrats, or the Republicans, or Islam – it will be God!  It will be God because we have become a wicked, idolatrous, murderous, lustful, perverted, and blasphemous nation.  We imagine ourselves to be good, but we are evil. We mutilate our unborn in the womb, we pervert the sacredness of marriage and we have decimated the family. We have turned our back on God’s Word and declared that we, without God have built this great nation. 

And if America should be saved from judgment, delivered from destruction; it will not be Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders or the Republican Party or a new brand of the same old socialism – if America is to be saved – it will be God!

If only. . . . . 

If only we understood that the church has been complicit in our fall

If only we realized that the church has been preaching a weak and castrated, impotent gospel that tells men they are good and refuses to confront men with the fact that they are sinners, alienated from God.  We have lied to men because we would rather they go to hell than to offend them.

If only the keepers of the Word had not perverted the Word. If only the preachers of the Word had been faithful to the Word. If only the prophets had not used their gifts to enrich themselves. 

If only, If only, If only our hearts had not been so hardened by our own sin that we no longer can honestly confront men with their own sin.

We tried to make God nicer, cooler, hipper, more relevant

If only we had upheld His holiness, His righteousness, His justice.

If only we had built fewer cathedrals and more men

If only we had continued to be covenant keepers, instead of becoming covenant breakers. If only…………….

If only there were fewer rock stars in the pulpit and more servants behind the sacred desk

If only we spent less time on television and more time on our knees

If only the Christ followers were actually following Christ

If only the believers actually believed

If only we were as interested in saving America as we are in preserving our lifestyle

If only we were as concerned about the nation As we are our own prosperity.

If only we believed Jesus is really coming, If we only believed those neighbors and family members I didn’t offend were going to spend eternity without God.  

If only our gospel actually had a cross to bear, a life to sacrifice, and a savior worth dying for.

If only

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  1. Dave King responded:

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    I am no speed reader or digester of worthy thought. I sometimes skip meals.
    I have decided in my senior years, it is best to eat when called for rather than an some artificial schedule. I have dropped burdensome pounds. Much of me has gotten out of my way.

    If only I had been able to employ the lessons I now enjoy earlier, how well others would have found me better company years ago. But then, I was against any popularity contest and I doubt it would have made enough difference. I am already with my top vote getter.

    I have taken enough of your time. My deeper thoughts, I will attach in an email to you; (2) poems, of course. They are as compressed as my thoughts ever can be, while as expansive at the same time; my kind of tool. One took an entire month, as you happen to hit on the subject matter as I finished up. The other simply came to me as a gift, as Suzanne & I sat at the Blue Ridge Music Center, yesterday, after church. There a local group of very senior musicians did a free pick-up concert. I was moved to put words their instrumentation. You have what I heard come to mind, as simple as that: Life here abouts.

    Hope your new book kicks up some dust. Take care, God Bless.

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