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I, along with about 1,800 other Vermonters, attended the Decision America Tour with Franklin Graham this past August in Montpelier. I was blessed to see so many Christian believers attend such an event. It was exciting to share in that together with them. I appreciate Franklin Graham’s initiative in the matter of prayer because prayer is THE most essential issue facing the church today; especially during this very unsettling election cycle.

During the course of the meeting, Rev. Graham said several times, “Don’t stay home. We must engage in the process and vote. So, find a candidate that most clearly represents your values and cast your vote.” I intend to follow that counsel. Because I have steadfastly stated that I cannot in good conscience vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, some have inferred that I intend not to vote. This is not true. I have found a candidate that most closely stands for the ideals I value and I intend to cast my vote for that candidate. It may be that he “can’t win”; nonetheless I will not have to “hold my nose” as I vote and I can exit the voting booth with my conscience and integrity intact.

I am also reminded that Gideon “could not win” against the Midianites; and David “could not win” against Goliath; Jehoshaphat “could not win” against the great army that rode against him; but God was on their side.

The most recent narrative from evangelical leaders is that we must elect Donald Trump for the sake of the Supreme Court. Hillary will nominate liberal, pro-abortion, pro-perversion judges and Donald will appoint conservative judges.

It’s all about the Supreme Court.

No, it’s not. For me, It is not all about the Supreme Court; it is all about where will I take my stand and with whom I will align myself.

America is living on the orts of blessings that have fallen from the table of our Founding Fathers and too soon, these scraps will be consumed and as a nation we will stand before God stripped of any pretense of goodness. We have been exposed as a people that have wholly turned from God and despising of all that is righteousness. We have engaged in the sacrifice of our children on the altars of death; we have polluted the marriage bed in a pool of perversion. Our gods are wealth and pleasure and blasphemy flows from our lips. I have not seen anything in Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton that indicates a realization that we need to address these issues. (And the recent Presidential Debate did nothing to improve that) Violence and rage fills our streets and regardless of the calls for law and order, there is no regard for law and chaos and disorder rules the day. These are the wares the enemy of God deals in and the nation is now in his grip. We have turned away from God and He has turned His back on us. Yes, there is a remnant whom God will shield and deliver but it is only a remnant. America holds no “favored nation” status in Heaven.

There are many brethren committed to the fight to save America. I understand their love of country and the desperate need to “do something.” However, it would appear that they have chosen to do so with the arm of flesh, aligning themselves with worldly forces; ignoring the warning of the Scriptures that the “weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but spiritual;” because the enemy we face is not flesh, but spirit. (2 Corinthians 10) We see Hillary and Donald, but we apparently do not discern the principalities and powers, the spiritual wickedness in high places that are pulling the strings of men.


Zechariah wrote to his own rebellious nation ominous words, “Therefore say to them, Thus declares the Lord of hosts: Return to me, says the Lord of hosts, and I will return to you, says the Lord of hosts”. (Zechariah 1:3) We must take the first step, but who will lead us? I listened to the first debate along with millions of others and I heard nothing from either candidate to give me any hope that we might find the leadership in them that will turn our nation toward God.

I am going to cast my vote in November for Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party. An attorney from Tennessee, who identifies himself as an Evangelical Presbyterian, Darrell Castle remarked in his acceptance speech for the Constitution Party: “If God raised me up and made me President of the United States, what I told the states, what I told you I would do, I will do, or die trying. So help me God.”

You can read about him on his web page at http://castle2016.com/home/, and I encourage you to do so. I will summarize his platform briefly here.

The Constitution: The Constitution is the charter of liberty for the American Republic. It is much more than just a piece of paper or just a legal document. It is evidence of the grand design the founders left us and it secures the rights that God granted to us. In the Declaration of Independence Mr. Jefferson told us that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights and to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men. That is the purpose of government and the reason why the Constitution was and is necessary.

The United Nations: The ideas of America are not compatible with membership in the United Nations (U.N.). The U.N. is world headquarters for the church of unbelieving humanism. The fundamental doctrine of the U.N. is that the world should be a global collective, redistributing shares of material prosperity to every human on earth. That is a religious and not a political idea. Faith in God is replaced by faith in Humanity. The U.N. is the sanctuary of the idolatry of Man. To U.N. believers, its very name is sacred, inspiring awe and devotion. The earth is the great mother who produces some resources but not enough so rationing is the result. Some have to be taxed so rationing can occur and provide equal shares. Injuring the earth is the crime of injuring the great mother. This thought process takes them back to ancient pagan days of gods thought to be mythical but are in reality satanic. When the U.N. headquarters was built in 1946, a meditation room was included in which the only object is a rectangular black rock symbol of the underworld thrust up from the world below. The ideas of the U.N. are in direct opposition to the ideas of America.

The Federal Reserve: I would end the Federal Reserve’s control of the United States’ monetary system by repealing the Federal Reserve Act. Interest rates would no longer be tampered with, as lenders and borrowers would set their own rates.

I would remind the banks that there would no longer be a Federal Reserve to lend to them in an emergency so if a bank gets in trouble, it’s on its own. Then I would let the American people know that they are now free to use whatever currency they want. The dollar would again be exchangeable for a fixed quantity of gold and the U.S. Treasury would now accept any major currency, including bitcoin, in payment of taxes. As a result, the country would return to a traditional and sensible money system so people could decide for themselves what kind of money they wanted to use. They could save it, spend it, or put any price they wanted on it if they wanted to lend it out.

Agenda 21: Private property rights are under assault in communities and rural areas across the nation as state and federal authorities move to enforce new planning development programs, particularly under the labels of Sustainable Development or Local Visioning.

Local elected representatives are being overshadowed by the establishment of non-elected boards, councils, planning commissions and regional governments. These non-elected organizations are taking government further away from the people as they are unseen and unapproachable. While totally unaccountable to the people, they enforce policy that affects property rights, tax rates, etc.

Across the nation communities are being pressured by federal agencies to accept grants for local sustainable projects that affect property rights and destroy local control. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

I would withdraw the federal government from such international, sovereignty destroying legislation. I would stop the federal government from manipulating local communities with handouts, and begin the process of handing control of their lives and property back to the local people.

Rights of the Unborn: Unlike Hillary Clinton who recently said, “unborn persons have no constitutional rights”, I know that all “persons” have the right to life and both the 5th and 14th amendments confirm that position. I also know, as does Mrs. Clinton in the deep recesses of her heart, that those waiting in their mother’s womb to be born are in fact persons.
There are many things that a Constitutional President could do about abortion but I will give you a couple.

1. Veto and refuse to spend every penny of funding for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

2. Recommend to Congress, and work to convince Congress, to take away the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction over such matters.

Personal Liberty: “Today I want to speak to you in defense of liberty and against tyranny. I speak for the republic and against the fascism that seems to be enveloping us. The general government was created by the sovereign states for a specific purpose; that purpose was to protect our God-given rights. Anything that runs afoul of that purpose is therefore illegal and unconstitutional. And since virtually everything this government does runs afoul of that purpose, virtually everything it does is illegal and unconstitutional.”

Now, I understand my endorsement does not carry the weight of a Mike Huckabee or a James Dobson or the like but I have been asked numerous times by folks who like many of us are unsettled about voting for either of the primary candidates and so, are in a quandary about how to cast their vote. I have been asked by literally scores of readers, “Who are you going to vote for?”

I don’t necessarily agree with every idea or opinion expressed by Darrell Castle, but in the meat of his platform and stands on various issues, he is a man I can cast my vote for without feeling that I have sold out my conscience. I am not instructing others how they should vote. I am simply saying there are other options; and that I refuse to bend to the pressure of voting for a candidate in whom I have no confidence or agreement. You have asked and I have answered. I will be casting my vote for Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley (http://www.scottnbradley.com/) on November 8.


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