Sharpening the Iron of the Church

Governed by Offense


And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. Matthew 24:10

Look carefully at these words and the sequence in which they are written. Jesus is outside the city of Jerusalem responding to their questions regarding the “end of the age.” He shares with them a number of things which will mark the end of days. However, this particular verse has been gnawing away at my heart all week.

“And then shall many be offended. . . . “ The spirit of offense is a powerful spirit because it gives birth to so many other evil spirits. In this case in particular, a spirit of betrayal and a spirit of hatred.

As I have watched the news and listened to and watched the onslaught of verbal warfare in recent days I cannot but help think that we are literally living in a culture of offense. It would seem that everyone is offended by almost everything. We are rewriting history because we are offended by some events or circumstances of the past. We labor under the delusion that by pulling down statues, or burning flags, our eradicating certain words we can somehow rewrite some part of the past that we find distasteful.

Every thought, every action seems to be driven by some offense. Yet, few realize that in their efforts to eradicate offense of any kind, they are becoming exactly what they declare offensive. The Antifa declare they will oppose the Trump administration because he is a “fascist,” and yet their actions are completely fascist. They look more and more like Hitler’s “brown shirts” or Hitler’s Youth Brigade.

To understand me, you must know that I believe the “emotions” we struggle most with are spiritually driven, empowered by demonic forces.  If we fail to recognize this and deal with these on a spiritual level, they can never be defeated.  I believe it to be true when I say that the spirit of offense that has gripped the hearts and minds of this generation is a controlling and manipulative spirit. Those under the influence of this cunning spirit are controlling every narrative, every conversation, and it is seeping into every aspect of our culture.

Notice what Jesus very clearly says, “…..many shall be offended, and [therefore] shall betray one another and hate one another.” The spirit of offense is the logical consequence of a society that has elevated “self” to the level of deity.  Anything that threatens the autonomy or superiority of “SELF” is offensive.

A secure self hears derogatory, even offensive, speech and brushes it off like so much dandruff. He guards his own mouth, filters his own opinions, disciplines his own character and expects others to do the same. He does not take it upon himself to control others. The secure self does not need to manipulate by threat or violence the thought and/or actions of others. He neither hates nor denigrates those differ in opinion; he is not threatened by opposing ideas, and considers himself to be neither superior or inferior to another based upon his color, gender, or social status.

Those who are seized by this spirit of offense are perpetually wounded, bruised, and are beset with a sense of victimization. These live in a state of debt, in which they are “owed” some form of payment or reparation for their suffering. Their “self” is a perpetual victim and the only balm to this bitter state is to name a villain; but not only to name him, but to defeat, crush, humiliate, and ultimately silence him. It is only in this that my self-vaunted self finds respite.

That people of color have been victimized by white men is a fact of history. I neither deny that nor do I try to hide it in a revision of my history.

That women have been victimized by men, and in many cases, continue to be is an ugly reality which must be recognized and sanely addressed.

That children have been neglected, abused, and sexually victimized by adults, both men and women, is a truth that cannot be denied and an ugly blight upon our generation.

Yet, a culture that considers itself to be so horribly victimized, a culture that lives in a state of perpetual offense, sees no irony in the massive victimization of the unborn of our generation. There has never been a people group more grotesquely victimized than the unborn in America. Persons of color detest that at times in American history they were considered to be sub-human and declared as property. That they were treated this way is an undeniable fact.  Yet, it defies reason that more black people than any other group routinely discard their children in abortion clinics as non-human inconvenience. Reason would seem to dictate that people of color, more than any other group, would defend their innocent children most passionately.

More than 70 million of the most innocent and helpless of America have been brutalized, dismembered, and cast off as medical waste and so few are offended by that. No, in fact, this generation is MOST offended by those who want to curb their blood lust and inhibit this heartless infanticide; because in their spirit of offense they feel victimized even by their own children.

The secure “self” does not demand change in others, but seeks growth and change in himself. The offended self exalts only himself and seeks to control and manipulate others to pay the debt he falsely believes himself to be owed.

We have been betrayed by an offended generation, just like Jesus said we would. Our entire culture is driven by offense and motivated by the futile effort to assuage the offended. They cannot be assuaged, and their hunger for self-satisfaction and exaltation cannot be sated, and their rage cannot be calmed until any who differ are subjugated beneath them.

The warning of Scripture is clear: “But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.” [Galatians 5:15]

We must guard our selves against the Spirit of Offense, for it is a cunning and destructive master that drives us to hate and betray one another.  One of the most effective ways to guard against the spirit of offense is to refuse to exalt myself.  To understand that the world doesn’t revolve around me, I cannot live effectively as a victim and that when I do – I continue to give my oppressors power over me.  When I exalt God rather than my “self”,  I cripple the spirit of offense and render it powerless as I seek to be more and more like Jesus; the one who carried MY offense to the cross.  When I realize the magnitude of the “offense” of which I was forgiven, it becomes much easier to lay down any offense I may face.

[The heart of this article is rooted in the fact that the author recognizes only one race. I do not acknowledge white, black, red, yellow, or brown as anything other than variant DNA structure. Since I hold the Holy Scriptures to be true, I deem that we all come from the same two parents. Therefore, there is only one race. My black brother or my yellow friend is not of another race, but of another DNA construct, and I neither recognize nor acknowledge the concept of multiple races. To exalt one color above another or to declare one color to be inferior to my own is a ridiculous assertion driven by reprobate minds which reject the authority of the Scriptures. We cannot declare that God has made one “race” superior to another, because the Scriptures declare that God only made two persons — Adam and Eve.  All other persons came from their physical union.  Those who seek to set one “race” against another are agents of Hell participating in the goals of Hell and its prince, and contributing to the destruction of society itself in the false belief that somehow one color can rise above and rule over other colors. Hence, society is destroying itself because of a cleverly woven lie.]

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