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Eight Hundred Ninety Five

895 – that’s the number of murdered babies Planned Parenthood will dispose of every day this week – and every week of this year.

I have a friend who often accuses me of “verbal vomit.” This is EXACTLY what this is. There is no attempt at elegance in what follows.

I am sick.  I mean white-faced, sweaty brow, nauseated to the point of puking.  No, I haven’t eaten too much. I don’t have food poisoning, and my blood sugar is fine. I am sick in my heart. I am grieving, again.  My grief is driven by the legalized bloodletting that goes on in this country each and every day in the name of  “serving the needs of women.”

The holocaust of the unborn, perpetrated largely by a government funded slaughter house that operates under the false banner of women’s health care, but in fact is nothing less than a torture chamber that mutilates and poisons the tiniest and most vulnerable of our citizens at an average rate of 895 innocent children EVERY DAY; and I might add, profits from this barbaric practice in the billions of dollars each year in addition to the government funding  they receive. All the while they smile and call themselves a women’s health care agency.

Planned Parenthood declares that only 3% of its services involve abortion (as if somehow this absolves them of any responsibility for serial murder). I’m thinking they must do a hell of a lot of mammograms, pap smears, and pregnancy tests except – wait for itthey don’t.  It has been proven over and over again that Planned Parenthood is a chamber of horrors that does NOTHING to advance women’s health care, but is in fact an altar upon which 375,000 innocent, American babies are offered up in the name of women’s  rights; every year; and while they’re doing it they hawk the idea that somehow – this is saving lives.

Hitler’s minions callously murdered over six million jews and for it they were rightly hunted down and hanged for those crimes. We print up posters with these haunting images and declare, “Never Again!”  But it is happening again, right here in America; and instead of hunting down and hanging the murderers – our Congress sends them a check every month. 

I’m outraged and I’m weary of the self-righteous justifications for the government protected and financed existence of this band of murderers, even from some of my own brothers and sisters in Christ; that somehow abortion is a good and necessary procedure for millions of women; that boldly declares “how many lives are saved by abortion.” My Lord in Heaven, how calloused we have become; how wicked our hearts, and bloodied our hands.  There are yet cries to “defund” Planned Parenthood (cries which have been cheered, but not acted upon). Defunding indeed – there should never have been any funding at all. Defunding Planned Parenthood would be an insult and shame to the memories of more than 36,000,000 babies murdered since Roe v. Wade.  Those who commit these crimes need to be arrested and prosecuted for capital crimes; serial murder.  Any Senator or Congressman who supports these atrocities should never again step foot in the halls of government. Any Judge who will not rule against abortion as the most heinous of criminal acts should have his robes stripped from him and he, thrown into the streets in disgrace.

I am providing for you a piece of video. I beg you to watch it. Feel free to share it – widely. Listen, as Melissa Ohden, a survivor of a botched abortion tells her story. She does it so much better than I could by writing a long piece. I have watched it three times tonight and my heart is sickened just by the descriptions she shares.

This is not an elegant piece, by any measure. I am just too angry to make any attempt at eloquence. I cannot even claim “righteous” anger. I’m just mad that my generation is guilty of such cold blooded murder and on such a massive scale.  I spoke this morning from the pulpit a passionate message, imploring fathers to once again engage again in the lives of their children.

I realize again tonight that I am begging fathers to turn their hearts to a generation that is simply not there.

They are not with us. They have been murdered. They have been scalded, mutilated and ripped from their mother’s wombs limb by limb and left in a bucket of formaldehyde to be thrown out with the medical “waste.”

There is no future for this nation if we do not turn from this sin. Did I just say that? Let me clarify:  There is no future for this nation if we do not REPENT OF THIS NATIONAL SIN.  The wrath of God will fall upon us and smash to bits a nation that has known great peace, prosperity, and influence. Now, because of our sin will know His terrible wrath. The only thing that saved Nineveh was sack-cloth and ashes, great weeping and turning from sin; but there is little of that.  The handwriting is on the wall; we have been weighed and found wanting. However, a smug, self-satisfied America doesn’t even realize that even though we’ve dismissed the idea of God as antiquated foolishness – He didn’t get the message and He will vindicate the blood of those tiny little bodies who were found too inconvenient to bring into our world.

I wish my influence was greater. I would that my voice was louder, but I pray each and every day for a groundswell of passion to rise up and cry out against this modern holocaust. Take a few minutes to listen to this testimony, and weep with me.

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  1. Keep preaching , keep prophesyimg. Until we see a people united inTRUTH ,fully under the banner of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The day of His glory is coming. And all the pride of man will be laid low by His righteous sword. May we be found in Him.
    Such a plea, so sober. God help us to come AWAKE.

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