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Sharpening the Iron of the Church

Easter Worshippers—Really?


With all deference to the eminent wisdom of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton—the poor souls who were murdered and maimed in Sri Lanka this past Sunday were not Easter worshippers.

They were targeted Christians—targeted precisely because they don’t worship Easter; they worship Jesus, the Resurrected Lord of Glory, the Eternal Son of God, the One who made atonement for our sins.

These poor folks were not celebrating a bunny bringing chocolate eggs and stuffed animals. They were celebrating the Living Lord, who conquered both death and the grave.  Anyone who cannot differentiate between the honoring of a pagan goddess of fertility and the worship of the Eternal God reveals to the world their ignorance of the heart of true believers.

More and more, Christ followers who have been diligently taught the truth of the Scriptures, are distancing themselves from the merger of pagan religion with true Christianity. Truly, it’s not Easter—but the Resurrection of Christ and it is not the celebration of Christmas—but it is the celebration of the Incarnation of the Eternal God into human flesh.

Bronze medallion honoring Ishtar, a Goddess of Fertility

I’ve thought for some time now these two ought to stay out of politics. Now, I’m sure they need to refrain from comment on matters of faith.

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