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We are in a time of extraordinary danger. With the appearance of the COVID – 19 VIRUS, global governments have gone into overdrive in an attempt to conquer this deadly pandemic. Research facilities private and public are working around the clock to identify potential treatments. Anywhere groups might congregate have been essentially put on lockdown. 

Words like mitigation, isolation, social distancing, wash your hands, don’t touch your face have become an everyday part of our vocabulary. My wife’s 96-year-old mother is lying in a nursing home with life-threatening pneumonia and we are unable to be at her side because of the threat of bringing the coronavirus into such a vulnerable setting. State governors and mayors of large cities are screaming for assistance from the federal government. The President and his team are assaulted by the news media on a daily basis with suggestion upon suggestion that they are not doing enough to prevent panic and save lives. 

We need masks and gloves for health care workers, more ventilators for the critically ill. The national guard has been called out to assist with community management. Restaurants have been closed down (or limited to take-out only), schools are closed, daycare facilities shut down. Businesses are urged to send people home to work, non-essential businesses are being shut down. Pharmaceutical giants are being commandeered to work on treatments and vaccines in an all-out effort to corral this deadly scourge and save lives. 

Don’t go to the dentist. Don’t go to your doctor’s office. Don’t go to the ER. All non-essential, elective surgery is put on hold so that we don’t overload the hospitals. Our nation is in full-on battle mode to shut this virus down by whatever means possible.

And yet. . .

In many states, including Massachusetts and New York, one of the clearest forms of non-essential, totally elective surgical procedures remains open – exempt from the ban on non-essential, elective surgery is ABORTION. 

That’s right my friend. Despite the fear-mongering, hyper-warning, and constant, compassionate, frenzied exhortations to do everything we can to prevent the horrible loss of lives due to COVID 19 – ONE OF THE MOST COSTLY PANDEMICS IN THE HISTORY OF MAN––ABORTION––REMAINS IN THE MIND OF OUR NATION AS ESSENTIAL SURGERY. A pandemic that has taken the lives of more than 60,000,000 innocent children in the United States alone and in the world . . . they number into the billions. Wholesale, government-sponsored and protected murder while the strident, hypocritical politicians scream into our living rooms their nauseating rhetoric about the importance of human lives. 

Your church is closed. Your local restaurant is closed. For all intents and purposes, unless you test positive for coronavirus, your hospital is closed. Your doctor’s office is closed. Your courthouse and town office is closed. Your travel office is closed. 

But your local abortion clinic is open for business. It’s open for business because in America nothing, not even a global pandemic must be allowed to stand between a woman and her rights to drive down to her local abortion clinic and electively allow her baby to be ripped from her womb. 

This truly reveals the dark heart of mankind and it must be considered that this very well could be the reason this coronaplague has befallen us.

We are looking for a drug to cure it. Believe me, friend, there is no vaccine that will innoculate a nation from the consequences of its sin.

There are six things that the Lord hates,
    seven that are an abomination to him:
  haughty eyes, a lying tongue,
    and hands that shed innocent blood,
  a heart that devises wicked plans,
    feet that make haste to run to evil,
  a false witness who breathes out lies,
    and one who sows discord among brothers.

Proverbs 6:16-19


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  1. susan plunske responded:

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    Unamiginable yet not surprised. Thank you.

  2. I’m in New York, abortion mecca of the country. The state where the Empire State Building was lit pink in celebration of infanticide. Crimson red would have been more suitable for the blood & sin on the hands & within the hearts of the governor & legislators that applauded this evil. And, NY, is the hardest hit state by a pandemic. Maybe a consequence or that it’s a travel hub.
    My local pregnancy crisis center where I was to begin working is closed. It’s now been mandated by government to provide abortion counselors. I’m an adoptive parent who traveled across the globe because my children’s biological mothers chose life even if it resulted in giving their babies up & caused them grief & loss I cannot imagine. Here in the U.S. the adoptive door was closed time and again, with Social Services telling my husband & I we’d never get a baby. “They’re premiums, you know,” a worker there said to us. Young women who found themselves with unwanted pregnancies told us they would rather kill their babies than give them to someone else to raise. It was a brutal reality that struck me so deep of an extraordinary selfishness of “If I can’t keep it, no one will.” I’m sickened by the corona virus used as manipulation to support abortion because say its advocates–Babies won’t be able to be provided for in an economic downturn. A society cannot expect to callously commit mass murder in the womb & not have it spill over onto the streets, in the schools, take root in hearts that dehumanize others that it finds disagreeable. I am aggrieved at murder called “Reproductive Justice.” Perhaps God’s justice is the kind of suffering on a nation I can only hope & pray is of the redemptive kind to fall to its knees & repent.

  3. A. Lyle Howe responded:

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    I stand wholly in agreement with Pastor Gantt on this one, and would agree that abortion most likely is the reason this plague of sorts has befallen roughly 146 countries to date, and a number of tribal nations. Our Supreme God doesn’t take lightly the innocent blood upon the the hands of those who shed it, including those who know of this abomination and do nothing about it, the apathetic. May this be the last plague to shed its fury upon Gods people, May His people turn from this and all sin, seeking forgiveness at the foot of the cross, Thank you Pastor Michael Gantt for your voice in this extremely urgent matter, lives are literally depending upon it.

  4. Julie responded:

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    Call local authorities and demand they adhere to the law. Wisconsin has a rule no more than ten in a space. Enforce it or open all other clinics!!@@

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