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Sharpening the Iron of the Church

Do I Consecrate or Condemn My Household?

The Scriptures emphasize the household as an altar from which the fire of pure worship should always burn. The Bible declares that God “will pour out His fury upon the families that do not call upon his name.”(Jeremiah 10:24).  Abraham was particularly commended for his faithfulness, God declaring, “for I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him and they shall keep the way of the Lord.”

In the New Testament, the houses that hosted the gatherings of the church in infancy are particularly mentioned, and the household of Mary, Martha and Lazarus often gave shelter to Christ and his disciples holds special prominence in the Scriptures. Wherever the “ark of God” resides, its hosts receive particular blessing, such as rested upon the household of Obededom.

The family is uniquely fitted in its structure to preserve the worship of God upon the earth. The head of the household, if he is a faithful servant, is a personal representative to true faith to all who reside under his care.  The influence of his godly character is diffused through all the relations which he sustains, and the example of his devotion throws the aroma of true worship over the entire household. There is a consecration that rests upon the household, becoming a place in which God delights in revealing His presence.

Godly parents can bring a holy consecration upon their household as they seek to honor God and revere His name in the context of family. In the same way, the family that is faithless in the household, holding only a religion that is displayed before others in the public consecration can condemn the home and drive out the spiritual blessings they might hunger for over their home and their children. Do not take confidence only in the fact that you carry your household to a place of worship each Sunday morning, for there is no particular blessing in that alone. However, if worship permeates your home, and godliness marks your character, you can be sure that the Spirit of God rests upon that place with all of His blessings and anointing.

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