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Called To Freedom


Galatians 5:13 warns:  “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”

Paul warned the Galatians that the freedom we have in Christ does not constitute a license to sin.  The grace of God is not permission to transgress God’s moral laws, and to view His great grace as a “get out of jail free card.”  As we as a people have become more and more self-centered, more and more lustful, and seekers of pleasure. As we have grown in our sense of entitlement as Americans, we have increasingly declared that because I am a free man, I am at liberty to do whatever I please and no one has the right to judge me.   

As a result, the American culture has turned on itself and is consuming itself, biting and devouring one another like jackals over a dead carcass.  We have become ugly, vile, vindictive, and vicious toward one another.  We have little need for God to judge us, for our own sin will devour us as a natural consequence of liberty misused.  

Jesus said, “If the Son of Man sets you free, you are free indeed.”  

Christian brothers, please, let us not become like worldly men. Let us use our liberty to serve one another. Let us live toward that great calling of our forefathers who saw liberty as a great privilege to be cherished and guarded – and not as an entitlement to serve only ourselves, feeding our deep lusts until we are consumed of our own wickedness. 

Christian brothers, let our speech bear the fruit of the Spirit of Christ: Love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, and patience – and SELF-CONTROL.  I plead with you in these troubled days, let us not be dragged into the ugly mire of partisan politics – for we are ambassadors for Christ. We are not Republican or Democrat or Libertarian – We are Christians! We do not serve a party – we serve a King! We serve a king that died to set us free from the vile and boorish lusts of this world.  

I plead with you for Christ’s sake, let our words drip with kindness, let our speech be seasoned with His grace, let mercy and compassion be our adornment; even toward those who hate us.  

Let us not use our freedom as an occasion to release bitterness and anger and vile accusation. 

Let us never feel free to denigrate or humiliate or to decimate another human being, 

Let us never be guilty of calling for harm upon the head of any man or woman. 

We are free to forgive. We are free to show mercy. We are free to appeal, to plead, to intercede, and we are free to pray; even for our enemies. Let us use our freedom to serve one another. In so doing, we honor Christ. 

In so doing, we exalt His Name. 

In so doing, we reveal His character to the world. 

To some, this way may seem to be the way of weakness, but in truth, it is the way of strength and the most powerful revelation of the nature of Christ.  And this, my friends, is the only battle we are truly called to fight – to make Christ known and to a dying world reveal His death, burial, and resurrection.  


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  1. Christine Rhyner responded:

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    The nation is a powder keg. Everything is politicized these days and it’s almost impossible to not be partisan. One party is mostly respectful of the freedoms & liberty this nation has always afforded its people. The other is consumed with the re-imposition of slavery & contemptuous of everyone who disagrees with them, using a virus to subjugate, impoverish, demoralize & isolate. How can Christians not see the absolute injustice going on and do nothing? What was done to Justice Kavanaugh & his family, including 2 little girls made me physically & emotionally ill. It was one of the most demoralizing moments from the party of abortion & hatred. It’s deeply conflicting. I can’t look at my children–whom I adopted from oppressive dictatorships to live free in America–knowing that I did nothing to fight for them. I won’t beat up the Target security guard who insists I wear a face mask, but I feel compelled to call out those in power who deceive, love their power and use it to enslave. Or the schools, for indoctrinating my children to despise our nation’s history, fear climate change & accept transgenderism as normal. I wrestle with my disgust for them & I don’t often present my concerns in a loving and kind way because they’re unfazed by what their own constituents, community and parents think. I do the things I don’t want to do. I don’t see enough people with the courage to say enough is enough and that saddens me.

  2. Mary E. Tisinger responded:

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    Thank you , Michael Gantt, for being a “voice crying in the wilderness.” Your posts are always right-on, and much needed.

  3. A right-on blog, Mike.

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