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Two volumes packed full of great stories you will remember for a long time. MAKUTANO is a chronicle of three decades of ministry in East Africa recording amazing adventures and hilarious encounters as you follow M. K. Gantt through the African story. EDDIE is a record of the hilarious adventures of Michael and Barbara Gantt as they ramble through the countryside in their 41 year old motor home celebrating their retirement. You’ll want to read it again and again – and, you’ll want to share it with friends.  Regularly $12.99 and $7.99 ($20.98)

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M. K. Gantt’s powerful book on “pursuing a life of excellence” and the 60 page study guide. Be encouraged to pursue excellence in your Christian walk––rise above the average. You are invited to experience the power of forgiveness, to prune your life of everything that blocks your pursuit of excellence, and to grasp and keep your eyes on the vision and call God has on your life. The Study Guide is a powerful Bible Study tool that will help you dive deeper into the Word of God to pursue a life brimming with fulfillment and reaching the works for which you were created. Normally, this set sells for $15.00 plus s & h.

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 OLD PATHS AND ANCIENT MARKERS, Guarding the Treasure of the Gospel

What some are calling M. K. Gantt’s best book yet, OLD PATHS AND ANCIENT MARKERS is a both a plea and a guide to restoring spiritual order to our homes. Old Paths and Ancient Markers teaches us that the HOME is the center of the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth and that it is in the home that the wonderful relationship between Christ and His Church are most clearly seen by unbelievers. The spiritual home has been under siege since the Garden of Eden and the enemy will stop at nothing to destroy it. The disintegration of the home lies at the very root of the unraveling of the American fabric. The only way we can bring restoration in America is to restore the home, the family as God designed it.

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EDDIE – Adventures with a 41-

Year-Old Motor Home and the Lessons we learned from “Eddie.”

Sometimes you plan a vacation and it turns into an adventure. Sometimes, the most unlikely characters become the hero of your story. The unlikely hero of our story turned out to be a 41-year-old motor home who was christened with the name “Cousin Eddie.” Hilarious adventures with Michael and Barbara Gantt on their retirement “adventure.”

Great reading fun for the entire family.

MAKUTANO – Lives Intersecting to Write God’s Story

God is a Master Craftsman who not only has prepared good works for us to do, but prepares us to do those good works. We were created on purpose for a purpose. Makutano is a Swahili word that can be translated a number of different ways, but generally it refers to an intersection, a crossing, or a meeting. Makutano is a record of stories from three decades of ministry in East Africa. These stories are less about events and more about people and the intersections with their lives that have made my life and ministry in Kenya and other East African nations so rich.

CRY MERCY – America’s One Hope

Iran, North Korea, Russia. Like millions of Americans, MK Gantt recognizes that the list of America’s geopolitical opponents continues to grow. From international trade disputes to global religious polarization, the United States faces threats at an unprecedented level. However, in his insightful analysis, Gantt argues that the nation’s real enemy is not without––but within. The underlying principle of Cry Mercy is simple: before a nation can change, individual hearts much change. This controversial approach offers the possibility of effective cultural renewal.

CRY REPENT – Can the Church Find Its Voice Again?

God gave Jonah a simple, eight-word sermon to preach. He did not exegete, illustrate, or expand upon God’s warning to Nineveh. He delivered the message with neither passion nor compassion, and the most amazing thing happened: Nineveh repented and God stayed His hand of judgment. What will stay the hand of judgment against America? What will turn away God’s wrath? The church needs to find its voice again and cry, “Repent!” It was the message of John the Baptist. It was the message of Peter at Pentecost. Confession and repentance is the lost doctrine of the church in America, and we need to find our voice again!

OLD PATHS AND ANCIENT MARKERS – Guarding the Treasure of the Gospel

Our streets are filled with violence and unrest because we have departed from the ancient pathways that lead to peace and rest. God still speaks to us today through the prophet Jeremiah who tells us that there is a place where rest can be found. “Thus says the Lord: ‘Stand by the roads, and look and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.” (Jeremiah 6:16)

It is no longer just about saving America. We need to save our families. Men, we must show up and be the spiritual leaders of our homes!

OVER AND ABOVE – Pursuing a Life of Excellence

God calls us to pursue a life of excellence! He created each of us with a purpose and predestined us to be conformed into the image of Christ. As His children, we are like seeds; purchased, prepared, and planted to fulfill God’s purposes with excellence. In his hard hitting book OVER AND ABOVE, M. K. Gantt encourages us to pursue excellence in our Christian walk––to rise above the average. He invites us to experience the power of forgiveness, to prune our lives of all that blocks our pursuit of excellence, and to grasp and keep our eyes upon the vision and call God has on our lives.


A sixty-page Study Guide that partners with M. K. Gantt’s powerful book, OVER AND ABOVE to enable serious students of God’s Word to go deeper in exploring what God has called us to. The Over and Above Study Guide is not just a re-hash of the book. It provides a jumping off point to take your life deeper and deeper into God’s Word and God’s plan for you.  This Study Guide is a great tool to guide you through a journey of spiritual growth and depth.


M. K. Gantt’s book, OVER AND ABOVE is a powerful read, but when you combine it with the 60 page Study Guide its effect in your life grows even more powerful.  Purchased separately, you will pay almost $19.00. You can buy them together and save almost $4.00 (You will also save on shipping cost.  Purchase both for only $15.00 plus $2.80 s & h.

SLEEPING NEAR THE ARK – Writing With a Fresh Vision

M. K. Gantt teamed up with co-writer, Barbara E. Haley to write a small but powerful book that though aimed at writers, provides powerful principles for anyone who is involved in ministry. Based upon the call of Samuel from the Old Testament, Gantt and Haley provide strong spiritual principles that will help both the seasoned and the novice writer maintain fresh vision and a strong sense of the calling upon their lives.