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It’s time to rise above the average and to walk in your destiny; a destiny that was written before the worlds were formed!

God is calling us to pursue a life of excellence!

He created us with a purpose and predestined us to be conformed into the image of Christ. As His children, we are like seeds: purchased, prepared, and planted to fulfill God’s purpose with excellence.  Jesus is our Pacesetter! In every race, there is one who sets the pace for all the others. Jesus not only sets our pace; He renews our strength, heals our bodies, and refreshes our spirits throughout the race. And when we falter, He picks us up and sets us safely back on the right track.

In his latest book OVER AND ABOVE, M.K. Gantt encourages us to pursue excellence in our Christian walk––to rise above the average. He invites us to experience the power of forgiveness, to prune our lives of all that blocks our pursuit of excellence, and to grasp and keep our eyes on the vision and call God has on our lives. This race we call life is not a sprint. Finishing the race requires training and endurance. Are you ready to hit the track?

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OVER AND ABOVE, Pursuing a Life of Excellence



This study guide was designed to be used in conjunction with the book OVER AND ABOVE, Pursuing a Life of Excellence by M. K. Gantt. This interactive study guide can be used by an individual, but group interaction will greatly enhance the learning process. M.K. Gantt and Barbara E. Haley have teamed up to produce this guide especially for groups who want to study the exciting principles revealed in OVER AND ABOVE in a group setting. This guide was designed for a group study, it can be effectively used by an individual who wants to engage in meaningful and transformational personal study.




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Guarding the Treasure of the Gospel

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“A book every parent needs to read and every pastor needs to recommend.”

“We lament the loss of young people who have left the church. We try to woo them back when we need to win them to Christ. We don’t understand that we are losing our young people because we’ve lost their fathers. The powerful role that men are called by God to play in their families has been forgotten. Instead, we have allowed public education and universities to shape our children’s minds and the internet, social media, music, and Hollywood to captivate their hearts. our streets are filled with violence and unrest because we have departed the ancient pathways that lead to peace and rest. God still speaks to us today through the prophet Jeremiah who tells us that there is a place where rest can be found.”

“M.K. Gantt delivers an indictment, a warning, an admonition, and a great challenge, wrapped up in masterful story-telling and soaked in Scripture! This is the solution to the biggest problem of our day!”  ~ Rev. Brian P. Cook

“Trust me. Of all the books you plan to read, put OLD PATHS AND ANCIENT MARKERS on the top of the pile. It is a quick and gripping read. You won’t put it down. While the headwinds of American culture are draining your tank dry, this book will refuel you in ways that few books can. I’m betting you will pass it along to a friend who is serious about the kingdom and in need of fresh, strong wind in their sails.” ~ Jerry Lamb

 A Book by

M.K. Gantt and Barbara E. Haley

Michael Gantt and Barbara E. Haley have joined forces to release an exciting new book


Sleeping near the Ark was written especially for writers and with those creative thinkers in mind, Michael and Barbara have released some powerful principles that will enable already creative minds with fresh insights into purpose and vision. Drawing upon the Scriptures, (and the lives of the warrior Joshua and the prophet Samuel), this little book (85 pages) provides powerful encouragement for those who feel called to write God’s answers plainly and powerfully.


“Vitally important for any Christian author. As I read, I heard myself whispering again and again, ‘Yes … yes … yes!'”  Bill Meyers, Best Selling Author, Eli.

“Sleeping Near the Ark – Writing with a Fresh Vision” is an encouraging and helpful short book to empower your writing through biblical insights. I recommend Sleeping Near the Ark– Writing with a Fresh Vision.”  Ted Baehr, Media Critic, Chairman of the Film and Television Commission and Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of “Movieguide.”

“Picture this: God is really calling you to write for him!  Barbara and Michael not only help you to capture this vision of God’s purpose for your life, but they also show you how to allow God to empower your writing by drawing you even nearer to his presence. Sleeping Near the Ark –– Writing with a Fresh Vision is a must-read for any serious, budding, or future author.”

 Linda Evans Shepherd, author of When You Don’t Know What to Pray and When You Need to Move a Mountain!

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Sleeping Near the Ark is also available on Amazon.com as a Kindle Ebook for $3.99



Can the Church Find Its Voice Again?



The church needs to find its voice again and Cry Repent! It was the message of John the Baptist. It was the message of Peter at Pentecost. Confession and Repentance is the lost doctrine of the church in America. We need to remember our message and recover our courage and cry repent!



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The Only Hope For America is to CRY MERCY!

Because the body of Christ has chosen to battle the forces of darkness with the arm of flesh, the perverted are emboldened in their subversive agendas and the wicked feel that there is nothing to limit or oppose their “fundamental transformation” of America. The church has been deceived, Delilah has cut off our hair, our strength is gone, and the Philistines are upon us. It would appear too, that for many in the church, our eyes have been gouged out and we are blind before our enemies.

The fall of America is at hand and the futility of a blinded and hairless church is exposed as millions of Christians continue to put their hope in a political solution to our nation’s decline; touting the political preference of one flawed candidate over another. Because we have chosen to wage our warfare in Washington, D.C. instead of in the heavenlies we have a broken nation. We are broken not because we have a broken political system. We have a broken political system because we are a nation that has rejected God, His Word, and His guiding Principles; and fixing our political ailments will do nothing to heal our brokenness as a nation.

Cry Mercy! The Only Hope for America is available from Amazon, and from this website. 

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Book Trailer for Michael Gantt’s Book





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These two powerful books team up to both identify the crisis facing America and the cure. The crisis is not rooted in flesh and blood and the cure is not in politics. M.K. Gantt provides a powerful spiritual analysis that marks the decline of the American culture, biblical background for historical context, as well as a clear path to restoration. The key is not American Pride. The key is American humility and repentance from our grave national sins.




from M.K. Gantt Publications



The will of God is realized in the intersection of our lives with the lives of others. My story becomes part of your story and your story becomes a part of my story and together, our story shows up in His story.

Makutano is a Swahili word for intersections or a place of meeting. MAKUTANO is a chronicle of the amazing intersections in the life of Michael Gantt that first led him to visit Africa and then fall in love with Africa and the rise of a life’s work among the Deaf children of the Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf.  The book records the very first encounter, or intersection, with a man from Africa that led Pastor Gantt to visit Kenya – – and then life afterlife of intersections in which the story that God wanted to write through those intersecting lives.  MAKUTANO is an “I can’t put it down story!”


Makutano is a mkgantt.com publication and will be available through a limited number of outlets, but you can buy your copy here. (Allow two weeks for delivery)

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Adventures with A 41-Year-Old Motor Home 

In September of 2017, my wife Barbara and I embarked upon a month-long vacation in our antique motor home, now known by all as “Cousin Eddie.” We drove Eddie from Vermont to Central Florida and back. Along our way, Eddie quickly became somewhat of a rock star as the daily social media logs of our adventures gathered a growing list of followers from all over America. We have recorded our travels with Eddie and the response has been exciting

What People Are Saying about EDDIE. . . . . .

 “Eddie is a thoroughly entertaining book. It made me laugh out loud and shed a tear or two. I was jealous of the many fun-filled family moments but happy for all of you who were a part. I feel like I saw a window into your lives, natural and spiritual. Looking forward to more adventures with the Gantt family.” Katherine 

“I just got my copy and am hooked after reading the first chapter.” Sylvia

“It’s a spiritual journey via Eddie to Disney World! I laughed & cried at what this wonderful family went through to be together! It’s a must read!!!!” Elaine

“Well I’m only 3 pages into the first chapter and I absolutely love it already!” Susan

“Wonderful! We have used your updates as devotions & shared with our kids.”

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