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Sharpening the Iron of the Church

Better To Reject Truth Than To Embrace A Lie

The stars in all their glory do not shine so brightly against the sunlit sky and yet, against the backdrop of darkness their majesty is clearly seen.  In the same way the cross of Christ is dim against a curtain of man’s self-worth and inner goodness. But when the curtain of pretense is pulled away and man is revealed as the evil and depraved creature he truly is the cross rises as the most majestic and benevolent gifts of human history. 

While visiting with friends in my study this morning one fellow lamented at what he called the “weak-kneed preaching” of this generation fearful of preaching the truth of the gospel for fear that it will turn men away. So Christ is presented as One who simply brings out the best of the good that is already in man – a doctrine readily embraced by a self-consumed, self-centered christianity. Better a man hear the truth and reject it than to embrace a gospel that is not rooted in the truth of Scripture and be condemned in eternity. 

Quite frankly, I don’t care one whit about what men think of my preaching. I seek only the approval of the One who called and commissioned me. It is better to lose the approval of man than to fail the grace of God.  My heart is to be a man who speaks truth to his generation; commending where commendation is deserved and proclaiming the verdicts of God where merited. 

Judgment may soon fall upon our nation because of her great sin. Indeed, judgment has already being felt in many areas. If the nation is to be judged it will come first to the household of God.  The church is reaping the judgment of God already as we have sought a man-centered and carnal gospel that assuages the sensuality of our generation God has abandoned the pulpit in many places, withdrawing his blessings and withholding his anointing; permitting the holy desk to be occupied by soothsayers and philosophers, sorcerers and money mongers lulling a stupified flock into a false sense of security and smug self satisfaction; as they are prepared as sheep for the shearer.

The most frightening thing I observe is not that there are sinners in the church, for we are all sinners; but that there is now pride in our sin. We have embraced the gods of this world, fallen pray to the practices of this world, drunk the wine of harlots and we are “proud” of it. The church celebrates is “diversity” as if this is a doctrine of the Word of God, but shuns its uniqueness in God. We were called to come out and be separate, but instead we have mingled with the masses to the degree that none can separate or distinguish us from the world. Great shame will be upon our head and terrible judgment will follow soon. 

Let it be said though: There is a remnant that will arise in this generation that has not bowed the knee to Baal, and there is a prophetic voice that will arise to warn a nation – and a church of her great sin. My prayer is that both the church and the nation will hear and heed the voice of God as He cries out to us – “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

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