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Sharpening the Iron of the Church

At One Time in India. . .

At one time in India there was a custom of throwing babies into the Ganges River as a sacrifice to the gods. If we are unwilling to do any more than merely take our children to church, we might as well be throwing them into the river of the culture. This is an explanation why many children of Christian parents are so often no different than the world‚Äôs. They have been given to the gods by their parents ‚Äď thrown in with hands of neglect

When the culture of this world is pressing in against your family and the even the professing church is looking more and more like the world itself, how will your family keep from being crushed by its weight and taken captive by its philosophies? Only through the Word of God!

Fathers who diligently teach the Word of God to their children provide iron for the spine of their family, strengthening them against the unrelenting tide of a godless culture. Family worship, on a daily basis, is your hope that they will stand like steel piers against the prevailing tide.¬† Fathers who consistently study to show themselves “approved workmen unto God, rightly handling the Word of God”¬†¬† ¬†(2 Timothy 2:15)¬†are the single greatest defense against an untoward generation that is hungry to devour a generation of innocents.

I want to speak in plainest of tones. Parents who refuse to be the source of Biblical truth and knowledge to their children, who neglect prayer and worship in the home; parents who consider the spiritual well being of their children to be low on their scale of priority are as foolish and base as the ignorant idolaters who cast their infants into the Ganges. That river will never be appeased by the blood of their babies, but remains as hungry as ever.  The flowing tide of a culture that hates God will never be appeased by the loss of this generation to God, but will hunger more and more; generation after generation.

Our children will survive, oh so well without playing every organized sport, or being enrolled in the most posh dance classes. They will flourish without having the finest designer clothes to wear or the latest fab fashion in cosmetics. Our children will survive without the latest cell phone or ipod, and they can actually live without texting. They will die without Jesus. 

There are few parents I have met, even who are reading these words who would not fly into action should they learn that their precious child has contracted some dire, fatal disease. There would be no hospital too far, no doctor too remote, no medicine too expensive — nothing would be too extreme if it meant my child could live. And yet,¬† many do not seem to sense with any urgency the dread disease that is upon their children even this night. Sin is a disease that eats away at the heart, corrupts the mind, and sears the conscience – and without Christ it is always fatal; always.¬† We must not hope that our children will be saved. We must plead their cause before the throne of God in intercessory prayer. We must stand against the flood tide of filth and corruption with a levy of truth brought to our children through the teaching of the Word of God — and we must do so with the confidence that the Holy Spirit of God will work on our behalf and the behalf of our children if we ask Him to. He will teach us and He will empower us to the greatest work of evangelism of all – the evangelism of those who live in my own home. If you are not going to with all diligence seek to lead and instruct your children in the things of God —you might as well throw them into the Ganges.

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