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As A Matter of Fact


As a matter of fact, I am NOT praying that God will Make America Great Again. I am praying that God will open our eyes so we can see from what and from what heights we have fallen.

As a matter of fact, I am praying that God will break the heart of America, that God will pierce our hearts with deep and profound conviction, even shame for our sin. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will rip off the blinders of national pride and arrogance that blind us to our own wickedness and shame.

As a matter of fact, I am praying that one day, I will turn on C-SPAN to find our Representatives and Senators on their faces in the halls of Congress, broken and ruined before a Holy God, crying out because of the sins of the nation. I pray for the day our President will call for a national day of prayer and fasting; a day of national repentance across the land.

I am praying that the cry of 60,000,000 aborted babies will reach the ears of doctors and nurses all across our land; that God will open their eyes to see the blood of the innocents that drips from their hands. I am praying that Planned Parenthood will see the shame they have brought upon our land and the violence they have perpetrated upon women and weep in deep contrition from a broken heart.

For it is only this posture of confession and repentance that will save us from the wrath of a Holy God from Whom we have turned to other gods.

I do not defend America for we are guilty as charged. I am tired of the ministry of complaint and condemnation, awakening every day in hopes of finding our political enemies have fallen. I hunger for the heart of Moses who stood in the midst of the storm of God’s wrath, pleading for a guilty people that God would show mercy and not destroy them. God raised up Israel for a grand purpose. He had brought them out of Egypt to make of them a great nation. His desire was that they would be a nation of priestly kings, the showcase of God’s great glory. Moses pleaded with God, for His own Name’s sake that He would not destroy Israel but spare them for His own glory.

I cast my lot with those who believe America also was raised up by the Hand of God to be a shining light of His Glory. I believe America was raised up that “shining city on a hill” that the world would have a clear template after which to model their own nations. However, like Israel, America has turned to other gods. We have rejected His life giving principles in favor of the precepts of darkness and that darkness now threatens to envelop us.

Every day I acknowledge the blood guilt of this nation before God. We are a generation that has murdered its babies, sexualized its children, perverted the marriage bed, ransacked the sanctity of the family. We are guilty of grave injustices and gross inhumanity, while our avarice drives us deeper and deeper into the idolatry of “things.”

Fathers have abdicated their role as the spiritual head of the family. Called to be the Gatekeeper, protector of the family from all things wicked, in so many cases American fathers have become the Gateway, opening the door to our homes for perversion and godlessness. Rock stars have become our preachers and sports arenas have become our churches. Movie stars are now our statesmen and government has become our provider.

The Koran now sits in church pews alongside the Holy Scriptures and Buddhist Peace Poles stand in the church courtyard. The judgments of men have now risen to prominence over the authority of Scripture and clergymen now proclaim the words of the Bible to be archaic, sexist, misogynistic ramblings of old white men that must be reinterpreted for a more enlightened generation. Mother Earth is revered now over Father God, while mystical and cultic practices are woven into the fabric of church theology. All roads lead to Heaven, all religions are equal, and all men worship the same god, regardless of what his/her name is.

Our nation dances around the golden calf of secular humanism, declaring to a watching universe that we worship a god created in our own image. We have forgotten the warning of those tablets which Moses held in his hands on Sinai, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” It was for that precise sin that God would have destroyed Israel in the wastelands around the mountain had it not been for Moses, their intercessor. For these sins and so many more, we are guilty.

For these reasons, my prayer is not for a Republican president but for a godly intercessor. I don’t pray for a conservative Congress, but for broken and contrite representative government. I do not pray that God (or anybody else) will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I do pray that God will shatter our proud, arrogant American hearts that we might be ashamed before Him, that we might weep bitter tears of repentance as we are confronted with the enormity of our sin, and that the cry that would rise from our land would not be GOD BLESS AMERICA, but God forgive America; have mercy upon us and do not hold our sin against us. Preserve us by your great grace and give us new hearts, soft and humble in the place of our hard, arrogant, and wicked hearts.

Just so you know………….that’s what I am praying for. 

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