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A Common Yoke

April 15, 2018


Where there is no vision, the people will cast off restraint. Proverbs 29:18 

When there is no vision, it’s every man for himself.  When common vision is cast off, when moral restraint is removed and when there is no common decency, when right or wrong becomes a matter of individual preference; any hope for common survival is murdered.

A common vision binds men together. It gels, it melds, it coagulates; vision ties us together for common purpose or achievement. When our nation was conceived, the people were bound together with common purpose. There was a vision for a free and prosperous nation, guided by the principles of the laws of God. Men sacrificed lives and fortunes for a common good because they were bound by a common vision. For the better part of 200 years that vision bound us together. It was a united purpose that drew a ragtag band of farmers to Lexington Green so long ago. With a “shot heard around the world,” it was announced that submission to the crown of England had ended and a new vision had been struck. It was common purpose that sustained the Continental Army during the bitterly hard winters during the revolution, brought us together to heal after the Civil War; it was a people unified in purpose and vision that caused America to gather itself after the shock of Pearl Harbor, and the resolve of a unified people that took Hitler’s superior race to the woodshed.

That vision is clearly dead. We are no longer a people unified in purpose for the common good of all of our people. We are broken into angry and antagonistic factions filled with disdain and disgust for one another, and for the common bonds that once united us. There is no common vision that binds us together. We live believing that to exist without common restraint is better the bonds of common vision.  The writers of Proverbs declared, “Where there is no vision, the people will cast off restraint.” (Proverbs 29:18) Other translations (differing but equally valid) say, “the people will dwell carelessly,” and perhaps the most stunning of all, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

King David penned these words in the 2nd Psalm: “Why do the nations rage and the people plot in vain? The kings of the earth set themselves and rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying, Let us burst their bonds apart and cast off their restraints from us.”

I don’t want to enter into a full exposition of these verses but was especially drawn to the words, “let us cast off their (God and His Son, Jesus) restraints from us.”  

The first verse of this passage says, “they have imagined a vain thing.”  There is folly in believing that a creature who was created to live under the rule of God can better live when he is not restrained by the laws of God. Because of the wickedness of man’s sinful nature, God gave him laws to restrain his own lust.  The mantra of the day is “you can’t legislate morality.”

Laws are given not to make us moral, but to restrain our immorality.

Of course, you can’t legislate morality but the laws of God were never meant to make men moral, for only an encounter with the living Christ God’s Anointed” can do that. The Laws of God were given to restrain our immorality, to keep our baser selves from ruling over us.  

Now that we have “cast off the bonds that restrain us,” any semblance of morality is quickly dissipating. Because any vision for the “common good” has been cast, off every aspect of the rebellious and base nature of man is emerging and clamoring for release.  Any “law” that purports to restrain our lewd desires is egregious and oppressive. In fact, most recently the only laws that are celebrated are laws enacted to protect our personal wickedness. We no longer understand that the moral statutes we received from God do not oppress, but they do suppress. They suppress (restrain) the wickedness that dwells within all of us.

Because those moral restraints have been cast off we have morphed from a nation that deeply values life to a people who murder the most innocent among us without guilt or remorse. That conscience searing release now allows the most evil among us to promote infanticide for profit by marketing those tiny organs and limbs to the highest bidder, rewarded and funded by our own government.

Because those moral restraints have been cast off we have become a society where any and all sexual expressions, even the most perverted of them are absolved.  We no longer protect our children from sexual perversion, but teach and encourage them to explore their sexuality at the earliest of ages government funded agencies provide instruction in perversion and birth control; and abortion when those contraceptives don’t properly function.

Because restraint has been cast off we exalt those who revel in perversion and punish those who resist. The greater the “casting off of restraint” the greater the celebration. When anyone dares object or question the wisdom of unrestrained expression of personal lusts they are summarily denigrated and punished for the “crime” that they might dare suggest any form of restraint.

We now have women marrying women, men marrying men, two men marrying one woman, women marrying themselves, pedophiles declaring that their civil rights are being denied so that they can move toward achieving the same rights as homosexuals, and now the conversation has begun which will decriminalize incest (sex between siblings) and sex with human corpses.

We have as many persons on public welfare as we have working (if not more), our economy is in shambles with an unofficial and unsustainable national debt of over 200 trillion dollars (if you account for unfunded liabilities); we want to destroy or drive out corporations which produce income, while feeding, clothing, educating, and paying for birth control and abortion, and provide universal health care for everyone, and no one seems to comprehend that nothing is free – someone pays for everything.

These are not political issues. They are spiritual; conditions created by a culture that has cast off restraint.  We have lost our vision, and because of it every man does what is right in his own eyes. And because of it. . . . . . .  our nation will surely perish.

Oxen are effective achievers in the field because they are restrained. There is a single point at which their great power is bonded together. They are unified at the pin that connects the yoke to the plow.  Because of that pin they are unified for the achievement of a great harvest. Pull out the pin, remove the yoke that binds them together and they will simply trample the harvest. A river can produce great power because its banks restrain it and conduct its energy toward a single point. Remove the banks and the river is transformed into a swamp and becomes a home for snakes and leeches.  

Unify a people around a single vision, restrain their great power by common purpose and they will produce great things. Loose them from the yoke of common vision and they will simply trample the harvest.


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  1. Michael, you have clearly described the America which was once a great nation because we were “one nation under God,” but we have cast off most restraints and are busy getting rid of the few that remain. A prophet from Uganda was in the US about fifteen years ago and stated that God told him to tell us that unless our cries for mercy exceeded the calls for judgment God was going to bring judgment on this nation. The judgment would take three forms: natural disasters over which we have no control; wickedness would become so great that we would say, what have we done? Third, there would be economic collapse. These things are happening, and will worsen unless our cries for mercy exceed the cries for judgment.

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