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A Tent of Meeting

I have been meditating on the “tent of meeting” from Exodus 33:7 in preparation for Sunday’s teaching from the Word of God. Moses would set up a tent away from the camp, and called it the “tent of meeting” and all who sought the Lord would go out to the “tent of meeting.” There is just SO much in this and the surrounding verses that is missing from so many of our lives.

God wants to meet with us……but the meeting place is not necessarily a sunday morning service or a special “miracle” service. So many today are looking for the next big meeting where they can “experience” God, but God is desiring a “private” meeting with us, apart from the rest of the camp….a place where he can speak with us ‘face to face, as a man speaks to a friend.”

These thoughts have been resting on my heart for days now and I believe God is speaking not only to the gathered church, but to families and heads of households (for this is who would have utilized the Tent of Meeting). How long has it been since you have took measures to separate yourself from the intensity of life, the speed of your week, the tyranny of the urgent – to inquire of the Lord; to sit in His presence that He might speak to you face to face, as one speaks to a friend?

I know everyone has great hopes for the “new year”, but for most of us it is simply that; hope that is not accompanied by action. God has spoken to my heart as I have meditated on His Word this week. I must not simply hope next year will be better; I must do as Moses did – I must “construct” a tent of meeting, away from all the voices that are screaming at me day after day, where I might sit in the presence of God and inquire of Him, that He might speak to me, as a friend.

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