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A Hairless Church

(Note: My comments here will prove irritating for some very fine people. I could apologize in advance, but I won’t. Sometimes what we need is some well-placed irritation, and there are some would suggest that irritation is what I do best. Please listen to what I AM saying and don’t try to imagine what I am NOT saying. I am not saying that we shouldn’t engage in political discourse. I am not saying that we shouldn’t vote or take part in the political process that is so unique from other nations. I am addressing where we might put our trust and upon what or whom we might depend. This was originally written in 2018 in a speech before the Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference and in my book CRY MERCY (Logos Publications). I am more convinced now than then that we’ve allowed the world to shave our heads.

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Samson lay his head in Delilah’s lap, enamored by her beauty, and lulled in blissful sleep by her sexual charms.  He closed his eyes in contentment, convinced that he was too strong to be successfully attacked by any enemy.  Surely, the strength with which God had endowed him would protect both he and the nation from the angry hatred of the Philistines. He was a judge in Israel, God’s appointed protector of Israel against her enemies. He was blessed with great strength, impenetrable power before any attacker, able even with the jawbone of an ass to destroy his foes.  

He should have been on guard at the gates. He should have installed himself on the wall, watching for any approaching attacker. He should have been awake, alert, and ready to repel any who would bring harm to the nation. Instead, he was comfortably nestled against the bosom of a whore while those who would destroy him and the people of Israel were hiding in the closet eagerly looking for an opportunity to strike.  

As Samson lay his head in the lap of the enemy she was, razor stroke by razor stroke, stripping the mighty Samson of his strength

In 1979, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell established the Moral Majority. He did so with a bold promise: That America would “feel the full weight” of the Christian vote. Falwell, among others, believed that he could marshal the resources and influence of the Christian church in America to turn back the tide of immorality and injustice that was rising in the land. 

He mistakenly believed that the sheer weight of the Christian vote could turn the moral tide in America and he convinced many Christians that he was right. The efforts of Christian leaders and groups to shape the moral and ethical climate of the nation through political force has doubled and redoubled over the 40 ensuing years since Falwell declared the “power of the Christian vote,” and to what end?

The flood tide of wickedness in the nation has not turned. 

What was perversion in 1979 is now normal. Gay and Lesbian marriage is a legal fact. Transgenderism has been legitimized by law and toilets and showers are mandated as gender-neutral; allowing men into women’s bathrooms and boys into our daughter’s locker rooms. 

As it is with all high-income businesses, the abortion industry has diversified from simply murdering babies to marketing their organs for profit under the full protection of and with the financial support of our federal government. The influence of the church in American life is virtually non-existent. America has felt the power of the Christian vote and found that it was no power at all.

Sometimes I feel like a man yelling in a bucket, but I will keep sounding the warning: 

The arm of flesh will never, I repeat, never deliver us from the devices of wicked men.

Believers were profoundly distressed when supporters of Barack Obama called him a “savior; some even calling him a Messiah.”  Now, there are millions proclaiming that Donald Trump will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Because the church has chosen to battle the forces of darkness with the arm of flesh, the perverted are emboldened in their subversive agendas, and the wicked feel that there is nothing to limit or oppose their “fundamental transformation” of America. The church has been deceived, Delilah has cut off our hair, our strength is gone, and the Philistines are upon us, our eyes have been gouged out and we are blind before our enemies.

The fall of America is at hand and the futility of a blinded and hairless church is exposed as millions of Christians continue to put their hope in a political solution to our nation’s decline; touting the political preference of one flawed candidate over another. Because we have chosen to wage our warfare in Washington, D.C. instead of in the heavenlies we are a broken nation; broken not because we have a broken political system, but broken because we are a nation that has rejected God.  We have rejected His Word and His guiding Principles, and fixing our political ailments will do nothing to heal our brokenness as a nation.

The news is filled with one salacious revelation after another as wicked men continue to expose the wickedness in one another, succeeding only in revealing the deep, deep corruption that the love of power has produced within our Congress and trickling down even to the local community level.  As each party tries to bring the other down, they foolishly, and perhaps justly, are bringing down the whole house. 

We think our problem is North Korea, Or Russia, or Iran, or Syria. We think our problem is the economy, the trade deficit, a 20 trillion dollar budget deficit. We think our problem is the growing tide of socialism or the looming threat of Islam.

We think our problem is sexual perversion or gender confusion, red states, blue states, progressive liberals, narrow-minded conservatives, supreme court justices,  Draining the swamp has succeeded only in revealing how incredibly deep the swamp is.

Our problem is God. 


The text of this post is taken from my book – CRY MERCY, published by Logos International, Lancaster, PA.  These thoughts are from a chapter entitled “A Hairless Church.” CRY MERCY is available on this website here.

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  1. David Frink responded:

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    I never thought I would see the day when Churches would willingly close their doors. But it surely reminds us, HIS Church does not live only in a church building. But certainly as a whole, a very weak presence within our once great country. We have given up way too much. We have given over leadership in much more than our corrupt governments. We can look back at the last hundred years. Little by little we gave up many things, like taking the Bible out of the public school system. Why? We have become followers of our distracted, and misguided governments. Why were we willing to let only the churches, and Pastors to teach our children the Word of God? We now stare at the truth, and effect of such complacency. I have never trusted in such governments, while trying to be a good citizen. As we see our world changing more and more rapidly, who will we follow? JESUS CHRIST
    As I sit and watch, my own father sits in a care home, no one able to visit. And I am very upset, to say the least. But he is teaching us patience, and longsuffering, no complaints. We will have to endure like JESUS said in the end of Revelation. There is still good news! Sampson’s hair did grow back. So, keep yelling, and thankfully, irritating. And thank you Pastor Michael, do not give up, you have taught us well.

  2. Charmaine (Aggen) Callarman responded:

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    Pastor Mike you were always insightful and I thank you for always teaching and preaching truth. Many moons ago you were our pastor at a small church in Schenectady. You brought me to my knees to know and live for Jrsus. My sister recently sent me this. Church needs waking up so thanks for.saying what you believe and not sugar coating it. I will pray for you and your family. God bless and keep you.

  3. Hope you’ve been doing well as possible within the worst timesoftrouble already upon all humanity while getting only worse. I left the coming storms in America 14 years ago and have lived in the Philippines ever since. The big world picture shows so much evil corruption in governments, CIA, FBI, Pharma, CEO’S, GMO, police, military and all the endless religions of man along with the pagan origins of jesus christ.

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