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John Adams Warned Us

President John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

In a day when the Constitution of the United States, unquestionably one of the most brilliant documents ever penned that is not Scripture, is under an unrelenting attack with our President declaring it inconvenient and inadequate for a modern society, a congress that obviously feels that the needs of a modern society can no longer be met by such and antiquated document we must remember that it was penned for the purpose of governing in a society that was both moral and religious. The present generation is neither. 

Having spit in the face of God and having abandoned all semblance of a moral society governed by principled absolutes, its is not difficult to understand that a document which was based entirely upon moral absolutes and a faith in a divine and benevolent creator would be repugnant to men who are driven by their baser selves and the lust for power over others.  

John Adams was correct in his assessment of the limits of the Constitution when he declared that it was an instrument to protect the rights and opportunities given by God to moral and just men.  It was written at a time when men were generally “self-governed” according to the principles set forth in the Holy Scriptures.  As such, they neither required, nor would they tolerate authoritarian government which came from outside themselves and which existed outside the boundaries and constraints of the principled life afforded and described by God’s Word.  As our society has become less and less able to govern our own lives, less and less willing to provide by hard work for our own selves and own families, and more and more willing to benefit from the creativity and diligent efforts of others – human government has enthusiastically flowed in to fill the void left by our own selfishness and slothfulness. 

The price of such governance however, is the loss of personal freedom and eventually slavery under a dictatorial master who requires nothing of men but complete compliance to his will.  He may present himself as “Robin Hood,” but what he is in reality is “robbing the hood.”  So many do not realize – yet – that the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), is not about health care at all.  It is a brilliant strike at the very heart of the American spirit and it will suck away every last vestige of self-determination, self-reliance and personal freedom.  Too many are blinded by their own greed and avarice to see it, and when they do – it will be too late.  

Every step of the way, immoral and irreligious men have twisted, perverted, and ignored that dynamic document to which John Adams rightly referred and soon, it will be a forgotten treasure; an idea who’s time has passed, folded away and stored in a vault, or outright burned by fire and few will remember that the Constitution of the United States as penned by the founding fathers of this once great nation was not a tool to govern, but a shield to protect those who would righteously govern themselves. Having abandoned the dream, even the desire, to govern ourselves according to the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven, most Americans are fully ready to embrace what the revolution was launched to free us of – a King.

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