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Too Late for Naomi

Not my usual fare, but I needed to remind myself tonight why I do what I do. Naomi. I knew her for only a few short days; just long enough for her to capture, own, and then break my heart. She was a quiet little 7 year old; gentle of spirit with enormous, liquid brown […]

When Evil Ascends the Throne

(JERUSALEM – Acts 4) The two, Peter and John, were among others who faithfully went to the temple each day at the hour of prayer. On this particular day as they were entering the Temple proper through the Beautiful Gate they noticed a cripple beggar sitting on the ground, shaking his little clay cup in […]

Their Blood Cries Out

“Where is your brother?” It was a rhetorical question similar to the one posed to Adam while he hid in the garden, “Adam, where are you?” He didn’t expect an answer. God knew where Adam was and He knew where Abel was hidden. What is interesting is what God said to Cain: “The voice of […]


I do not despise the prophetic ministry. In fact, I pray often that God will raise up strong, clear, prophetic voices in our generation. I am skeptical of the growing horde of men and women running around the nation today sporting their hand-written prophet “name tag.” Since we don’t stone false prophets any more, there […]

A Question of Authority

“You are never to speak this Name again – I forbid it!” His lips were stretched tight over his teeth and his finger trembled with anger as he shoved it into Peter’s face. Annas’ voice was shrill and tight with fury as he confronted the ignorant fishermen who stood before him. The High Priest had […]

No Fool

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep in order to gain what he cannot lose.” Jim Elliot, Missionary (January 8, 2016) The story I share here occurred 60 years ago today. I write about it because the story of Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Roger Youderian, Ed McCully and Pete Flemming is a […]

A Representative Government

I have recently made the astute observation that a number of my readers are beginning to tire of my focus on impending judgment. Its not really that I’m all that perceptive; its just that’s what they’re telling me. People search out positive, encouraging, and personally uplifting words. Discussions of the wrath of God and judgment […]