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I met with a man yesterday who has suffered a personal failure. We didn’t talk too much; mostly I just held him and cried. I did say to him, but really need to speak to us all: “Failure does not define a man; it identifies him as a man.” What defines a man is his […]

There is NO Religious Persecution in America

There. I’ve said it. There is no religious persecution in America. It is all just a great big misunderstanding. Allow me to explain. I have been preaching exegetically through the early chapters of the Book of Acts recently. As I have poured over the first six chapters or so I have learned so much about […]

The Gospel According to Facebook

Yet again, the purportedly enlightened but seriously flawed “gospel according to social media” is being propagated with reckless abandon. Seriously, I don’t even know why we even need such an antiquated literary device as the Holy Scriptures what with all those words and NO pictures. I checked again this morning – not a single meme […]

The Story of Joseph

   Last night my wife and I, along with several members of our family attended a performance of Joseph at the fabulous Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. ( I am a frequent visitor to the area and to the theater as I often bring groups from our church to enjoy the most excellent […]