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Explicit Agreement in Extraordinary Prayer

In 1746, Jonathan Edwards was inspired by a “Memorial” penned by a Scottish Presbyterian minister named John Erskine, appealing to the people of Scotland and elsewhere to unite in prayer for the “revival of religion.” Erskine sent a single copy of his Memorial to Edwards who was so moved by it, he set about to […]

A Travesty of Justice

What you are about to read is what my good friend Matt Miller calls, “verbal vomit.” I am about to puke all over everything and everybody. There will be little editing in this article and an awful lot of venting. The trending “hashtag” in social media communications is #defundplannedparenthood. I have actually used it. I […]

Pulling Down Our Markers

“No ethnic cleansing is complete without the removal of the historical roots from which a people emerged. In order to dictate the future, ISIS is destroying the past.” Aziz Abu Sarah To ISIS, destroying Assyrian archeology represents more than an attack on idolatry. In order to remain the only ruling religious body in Iraq and […]


STAND (Keynote Address at Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference Cairn University – Langhorne, PA) July 31, 2015 A terrible rumble shakes the heights of Sinai; a rumble, deep and sustained so you can feel it reverberate underneath your feet all the way into the camp. Shards of lightning rip through the desert sky momentarily illuminating […]

It's All About the Fruit

I just finished a couple of weeks of intense ministry which had me on the road a lot.  Our team just finished a week of Family Camp in White River Jct., Vermont; an association that I have been affiliated with for over 30 years.  To say we experienced a move of God would be an […]